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Long-Term Success after Hep C Treatment

Long-Term Success After Hep C Treatment

Where does everyone go after treating for the hepatitis C virus? That question came through the Q&A section here on recently. It may seem like a lot of the topics are related to those who are recently diagnosed or those who are preparing for treatment. What about those who cleared the virus? Where are they now? I’ve known about the virus and been active in the hepatitis C community for several years. There are still many of us alive and kicking! After having gone on treatment and having a sustained viral response (SVR), I can say for sure that we’re doing fine.

How I define long-term success after hep C treatment:

I’m still here

The day my liver failed is etched in my memory. The blood, the yellow skin, the swollen belly. The doctor sadly shaking his head. Thankfully, it is a memory. I’m still here enjoying another day in the sunshine. After having my expiration date practically stamped on my foot… that’s a good thing.

No more virus attacking my liver

My poor scarred up liver barely made it through the “old” 1-year treatment. I couldn’t wait for the newer drugs because I was failing fast. After taking the risk, the virus was dead and gone. I began to gain strength immediately.

Less threat of bleeding varices

By scheduling regular ultrasounds, it was easy to stay on top of medications for portal vein hypertension. I had some varices pop up, but as the beta blockers leveled out in my system, the threat went way down.

Reduction of medications

My liver was so inflamed that food was not easy to process. Jaundice and ascites caused swelling. Eventually, I was able to take only 1 diuretic instead of 2. Combining medications with a low sodium diet helped keep the water weight down.

Medical team on top

Once the doctors said I was SVR, we began working on my general health. I began to slowly become more active. I used a step tracker, blood pressure cuff, and heart rate monitor to keep me moving at just the right pace for my body.

I could begin to plan my future

I became more active on the job and continued to set goals to gain strength. I walked a 5K. Then I got married. We began to take trips to nearby states. I felt less afraid of having liver failure. Instead of constant fear of the future, I was hopeful.

Long-term success after hepatitis C looks different for everyone. I was still very sick, yet kept an action plan. I got liver cancer and was a good candidate for a transplant. I treated with friends who are active and have experienced a reverse in liver damage. Others still have some of the symptoms of liver disease. There were some side effects from the long-term injections, but they are nothing compared to the joy of being alive. I consider myself to be a long-term success story with hep C.

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  • ebop7g
    1 year ago

    Aloha Karen,

    Mahalo for all you do for the Hepatitis C community! I clear, but never get SVR. This last treatment wasn’t as rough on me, but still not affected. I treat with Eclulpsa.

    Is treating and the meds not working still a benefit?

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