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Woman, holding coffee, looking at herself in a full-length mirror

Life Hacks for Hepatitis C

Whether you’ve cleared the virus, are on treatment, or doing the pre-treatment discovery phase – you need life hacks for hepatitis. A life hack is a shortcut, trick, or skill that helps you to be more effective, accomplish more, or in some cases, survive. No matter where you are with HCV, these tricks will help you lead the pack.

Seize the day

When the bed threatens to swallow you up and your body is filled with joint aches – get up. It’s ok to roll around and do some bed-yoga first. That eases the pain. Then get up and pull the covers up to the pillows. You may want to come back for a nap later, but for now, you are up and running the day.

Look in the mirror

Yes, it’s you with the fuzzy hair (and face) and the swollen eyes. Wonderful, life-worth-fighting-for YOU. Here you are, starting another day by looking yourself in the eyes. For a time, during treatment, I kept a picture of me as a little girl next to a mirror. That clueless little thing with the stringy hair had no idea what her future would be. I decided that I was going to give her the best chance for a new future without hep C. Make that promise to yourself every morning, in the mirror.

Have a drink

Start your day with a cup of coffee, which may reduce your chances of liver cancer.1 You may prefer a hot cup of green tea, or a tall cold glass of matcha tea with stevia. After that, make your next drink a protein shake. I’ve found that vegetable protein or collagen powder can help with my energy level. Some green powder will have me doing the hand jive.

Bust a move

So exercising at the gym may not be your thing. Try it if your doctor gives the thumbs up. If not, keep some handheld weights by your chair. Pump your arms while listening to your favorite songs. Rock out, and maybe even twist and shout. If you want to do some weight-bearing movement, stand up and shake your booty. I can move all kinds of crazy when nobody is watching. Swaying your hips with your arms in the air is a perfect way to get your cardio workout. Add a hoola hoop move and you’re too sexy now.

Listen to yourself

While your heart is still pounding with the excitement of dance, listen to your thoughts. Did the depressing heaviness get a little bit lighter? Are the problems you were facing seeming to shrink down? Notice how you talk about yourself, and to yourself, about life’s situations. Nobody is home in there, but you. Make some decisions about what thoughts you let stay.

Now, try it!

By using these skills every single day, you can move past the depressing situation that hepatitis C presents us with. Make your bed, look at yourself with love, get some nourishment, move around, and sort through your thoughts. These life hacks for hepatitis can change everything before, during, or after treatment.

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  1. Larsson SC, Wolk A. Coffee consumption and risk of liver cancer: a meta-analysis. Gastroenterology 2007;132:1740-5.