Life After Hep C Treatment

My journey through hepatitis C lasted 20 years, including 3 treatments. My 3rd treatment, which included improved treatment, helped bring me a cure.

Progress happens in small steps

During my post-treatment recovery, I needed to keep my focus on the small and big progress I was making daily and weekly. I learned being inpatient did not help my recovery.

Progress in recovery comes in many forms. Energy and stamina can come in bursts.

I learned the balance of where to spend my energy and when I needed rest.

Recovery plan for after treatment

Making a recovery plan was just as important as a treatment plan. My hep C recovery plan was made up of several factors.

One of these factors was eating healthy nutritious meals with fresh fruits, vegetables, balanced protein, and fiber-rich foods. Avoiding processed foods.

Drinking 64-84 ounces of water daily. I also concentrated on foods that help fight inflammation for healing.

I started a mild exercise program with walking and stretching exercises to help build my stamina. I began walking 15 minutes a day, then built up time and distance.

It was important to keep my doctor and test appointments and talk to my healthcare team about side effects and how I was feeling.

My faith kept me grounded. I rested on scriptures and prayed daily as well as listened to uplifting Christian music that soothed my spirit.

I kept a treatment and recovery journal where I could keep track of my progress. I viewed recovery as my healing journey and focused on uplifting, positive, healthy proactive steps.

Symptoms during recovery

One of the most common symptoms of hep C treatment is fatigue. Unfortunately, it's one of the last symptoms to leave in recovery.

I avoided the trap of thinking my energy would return immediately after treatment. Instead, I focused on listening to my body.

I learned when to rest and push myself a bit. Each week treatment side effects faded.

I began to see progress with increased energy and wellness. The recovery experience and timeline are different for each patient.

Recovery was about patience, perseverance, and persistence to work my recovery plan. Remember, your body has been under attack, fighting hepatitis C, so the healing journey is not instant.

Be patient in the process. You will get beyond recovery!

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