Hope with Skin On: Dealing with Hep C

When I was first diagnosed with hepatitis C, I felt devastated and alone. I told my doctor I wanted to talk to other patients who had conquered hepatitis C and got their life back. Sadly, in the early ’90s, there was very little known about hepatitis C. Treatment was extremely limited, with harsh side effects and no cure. Support groups were hard to find. What was available was negative, dark, and without hope. I was looking for hope with skin on people who had done treatment, received good results, and got beyond hepatitis C. In the early nineties, successful treatment was very rare.

Today, we have many options

Today, we are blessed to have a variety of treatments for hepatitis C for all genotypes (virus strains) and different degrees of liver damage. Today, treatments have shorter times, fewer side effects, and high cure rates of 95% to 99%.

There are many online support groups offered today, as well as physical support groups. Now more than ever, there are people who are hope with skin on. Patients who have received the cure from hepatitis C and moving forward with their life. Hope is high to get beyond hepatitis C.

Getting through it, together

How does hope with skin on patients help other patients and family? Often, patients can experience periods of depression, discouragement, and feel alone in the fight. Hope is a gift. Hope with skin on people can share their experience, give encouragement, and help boost confidence that others can get beyond hepatitis C and get their life back.

Sharing experience and hope to patients and their families is like offering a hand of help to lift them out of the pit. We all need hope and encouragement through the entire journey of hepatitis C. For patients and their family, building a support team is just as important as building your healthcare team. Hope with skin on people are an important part of the support team.

Spread the word

For patients who have conquered hepatitis C, never forget you are hope with skin on to others and sharing hope can make the difference in someone’s life. Hope with skin on people also have a wonderful opportunity to educate others about hepatitis C, encourage testing, and treatment. Sharing experience and hope to get beyond hepatitis C can help save lives.

Never give up hope! You can get beyond hepatitis C.

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