Who Can We Trust? Herbs and Supplements for Hepatitis C

Being newly diagnosed, you may be getting your hands on all sorts of information about hepatitis C. I know I did, but back in 2005, there was nothing written about it and there were certainly no Facebook or online support groups guiding my steps and questions.

Patient story: "Miracle cures"

I was recently contacted from a lady back east who had gotten her hands on some sort of herbal remedy to "cure" hep C. She described the pills as looking a bit questionable.  She said the packaging was not that professional, but she read the instructions and began taking this medication, despite her gut instincts.

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A week later, she ended up in the hospital with severe pain in her abdomen and was not able to hold food down. She described the experience like a bad case of the flu. (This was before COVID.)

The doctors asked her to provide all medications and supplements she had been taken. Immediately after giving the bottle over a liver specialist came into her room and began to lecture her on why she would take such medication with out knowing more about it. She began to cry. All she wanted was to cure this hep C and life go on. This seller reached out to her on Facebook and privately arranged for her to buy this "miracle pill"; He said within a month, she would see a difference.

It was sooner than a month (1 week actually), however the result she was searching for was not what she got, she ended up with a severe kidney infection and liver enzymes were off the charts. Had this woman continued longer, this possibly could have ended her in the hospital with liver/kidney shut down or even death.

Hepatitis C can be treated by a doctor

Please read this carefully, there is no magical cure for hep C; It is a virus that can be treated through medications prescribed by a physician.  These treatments have undergone extensive clinical trials and proven to work. These treatments come in professional packaging with clinical instructions, along with your medical team advising how to take.

Do not be fooled by thinking some herb can cure a virus. This is such "fake news", as some call it today. BE SAFE, go through the proper medical channels to obtain medication. Your liver and your life depend on it.

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