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Hepatitis C Lingo

Hepatitis C Lingo

The internet has moved communication to a whole new level. When I first started texting it was hard for me to understand a lot of the abbreviations used. I began to pick up on them and even made a few of my own up. Here’s an example: sometimes I LOL (laugh out loud) and other times I LUMB (laugh under my breath). AAMOF (as a matter of fact) there are times I FLAKE (fake laugh) to keep from hurting someone’s feelings or I may get a BG (big grin) on my face.

I have to be honest though, reading on websites and forums about HCV (Hepatitis C Virus) left me totally clueless at first. I did not know the Hepatitis C Lingo. I quickly caught on and thought it might help you out while you are learning how to take care of yourself! Most of it is pretty common and soon you will be an expert in HCV Acronyms.

AHC – Acute Hepatitis C

All Oral – Interferon free treatment

ALT – Liver function blood test

AST – Liver function blood test

BX – Biopsy

CBC – Complete blood count

CHC – Chronic Hepatitis C

DX – Diagnosed

EOT – End of treatment

ESLD – End stage liver disease

EVC – Early virus clearance

EVR – Early virus response

FBC – Full blood count

GI – Gastro Intestinal

GT – Genotype of Hepatitis Virus

1a, 2a, 3a refers to different genotypes

HAV – Hepatitis A Virus

HBV – Hepatitis B Virus

HCV – Hepatitis C Virus

HCC – Hepatocellular Carcinoma or liver cancer

HCT – Hematocrit

HGB – Hemoglobin

HX – History

IFN – Interferon

IL28B – a gene which predicts which TX will work

IR – Insulin resistant

LFT – Liver function test

MELD – Model for End Stage Liver Disease

pegINF – pegylated Interferon

PLT – Platelets

PI – Protease Inhibitor

RCC- Red blood count

Riba – Ribavirin

RVR – Rapid Virus Response

RX – Prescription

SOC – Standard of care

SX – Side Effects

SVR – Sustained Viral Response

TX – Treatment or sometimes transplant

UND – Undetected viral load

VL – Viral Load

WBD – Weight based dose

WCC – White blood count

Most of the tx for HCV will have their own acronyms and will change as new drugs are added and others fade into the background. INF and Riba were commonly used during the early PI days, but now with the pharmaceutical companies racing toward more cures, different drugs come and go.

The good news is that there are very few patients who cannot treat for HCV with the current drug regimes. The race to cure the silent killer has worked to benefit us in every way. When I was first DX, there was very little chance of SVR. My VL was in the millions and climbing. My MELD was only in the teens, but my ALT and AST were high due to inflammation in my liver. I now am SVR.

If you are reading this, YMAK (you may already know) which drug you will take for tx. I WYTB (wish you the best) in your journey to be HCV free! BB4N to all my BF. LYLAS

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  • Niecers
    4 years ago

    Hi.My name is Niecers. I just registered with Hepatitis C. I was diagnosed in the 1980’s, don’t recall the actual year. Going thru this site for a few hours now, I got the latest info on the virus and I read that my current symptoms have become more severe than I was guessing they might have matured to some higher level over the last 10+yrs untreated. OMG! The maturity is not good for me at all. I go to a gastrointestinal clinic the end of this month.I have the feeling that I am in big trouble. Major Problems ahead.

  • Karen Hoyt moderator author
    4 years ago

    Hi Niecers,
    So glad to see that you are looking for information on a positive site. Yes, there can be some trouble ahead if you have progressed with liver disease. The GOOD news is that you can make many choices and help yourself to heal and live a long life.
    I hope that everything turns out good with your gastro doctor and that you can begin to move toward a healthy future! One step at a time dear friend.
    xo Karen:)

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