Hep C and Stomach Bloat

Stomach bloat can be an uncomfortable side-effect of liver disease. What can you do about it? Is there a way to prevent it?

Why do I feel so full and bloated right after I eat anything?

I can be so hungry and then sit down for dinner, take a few bits and feel so full and like my stomach overgrew into a balloon.  If I continue to eat at this point (and after lots of learning here) I end up with heartburn a few hours later. 

I am so uncomfortable my pants are digging into my waist and then I need to change into a spandex-type attire. Learning more, I found reasons for my feeling yucky after and during eating.

Why do people with hep C have stomach bloating?

A swollen abdomen can become a condition called ascites, in which liver malfunction leads to an imbalance of proteins and other things. The fluid then builds up in the tissues.

The main symptom of this stomach bloat is the appearance of a very swollen stomach, which often signals cirrhosis. Your liver can also become enlarged with no symptoms other than a feeling of stomach fullness and bloating.

These symptoms are common when liver disease is apparent and is most likely seen in patients with cirrhosis.

Food choices to prevent stomach bloating

For myself personally, what I have found to be good in dealing with this is I eat more frequently and consume fewer things with salt.  I learned only through trial and error until I found support reading up on hepatitis C and my liver.

I do my best to eat liver-friendly foods such as fruits and lots of green leafy veggies.   In dealing with the bloat, stay away from sodas as you will find you will bloat more with sugary drinks. 

Absolutely steer away from alcoholic beverages. Having a liver issue, you probably should not be drinking at all anyway.

I do get teased at work now as I have my drawer I fill with healthy snacks that I eat throughout the day. I eat approximately every hour if not every other hour. 

At lunch, I keep it simple with a salad and a protein-like chicken. At dinner the same thing. 

I will eat only small portions as I know I will either end up wasting it or getting sick. Keep it simple and keep it smaller when you are feeling this bloat and uncomfortable stomach feeling. 

I have taken this on as my daily habit of eating.  I feel better doing small more frequent meals/snacks.

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