Help for Mouth Sores with Hepatitis C

Are you tired of messing with mouth sores? When your mouth starts hurting, it can trigger a lot of other problems. It’s important to know how to treat any sores so that they won’t lead to other problems. Here are some tips that might give you help for mouth sores with hepatitis C treatment.

First, let your doctor know about any sores, especially if you are on treatment. It may just be an ulcer that crops up due to change in your body chemistry while on treatment. It could also be signs of something else, and only your medical team can tell you for sure.

How to brush your teeth without pain

Use a soft toothbrush. Some of the new ones have gentle bristles that won’t irritate an open sore in your mouth. Try using a child’s toothbrush. They are small enough to work around tender areas, and also soft enough to not scrape your healing skin.

Mouth rinses

I believe in keeping it simple. Ask your medical team if they approve of you using salt. If so, give a home remedy a try. Make a solution by mixing a teaspoon of baking soda or salt in 1/2 cup of warm water. Take a mouth full and swish it around your mouth. Focus on the area where the sore or ulcer is. Spit it out and swish again until the solution is all gone.

Use toothpaste

Try using only simple ingredients to cleans your mouth. Some of the chemicals in toothpaste can create problems for out mouth. There are many sensitive brands on the market. Test and see if one is right for you. Another alternative is to try a natural toothpaste. They can be found at a health food store, or you can make your own using baking soda or salt. There are many online recipes using natural ingredients that clean your mouth without discomfort.

Change your diet

By making some dietary changes, you can reduce some of the stinging and pain. Eating with a mouth sore is not easy. You need to eat good foods while on treatment. Nutrition is important. Eating foods that are low in acid can help. Try to avoid tomatoes, spicy foods, citrus fruits, and other foods that can cause pain. Try eating foods that are soft and easy to chew.

Prescription options

Your doctor may prescribe medicine or even a mouthwash that can help your sores to heal more quickly. There are some over the counter rinses that may be effective also. If you are unable to eat, or if the sores seems to be spreading, call your doctor and ask for help.

Mouth sores take time to heal

Your mouth is an area that is hard to heal. Bacteria from food can linger around and slow down the healing process. Anytime there is moisture, your body takes longer to heal. So give it some time and keep your mouth as clean as possible.

Mouth sores usually only last for a few weeks into treatment. The treatment itself is not that long, so a few weeks of slight mouth sores will be easy to endure. Especially since you know that you will be hep C free soon!

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