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Fighting Hep C Fatigue With Green Tea

Many of us are familiar with extreme and enduring exhaustion. It is a symptom of chronic hepatitis C; for many, it can be the most debilitating symptom. Fatigue beyond what is considered normal is an uphill battle.1

However, it is important to emphasize that extreme fatigue and exhaustion are not just side effects of everyday life and aging. Or, in my case, parenthood.2

Fatigue with hep C

I experienced debilitating fatigue with hepatitis C before, during, and a few years after treatment. I had to learn new coping mechanisms to combat it out of desperation and necessity.   

If someone is experiencing and struggling with fatigue beyond what is normal, it is important to speak with your healthcare provider before trying any suggestions given in this article.

Green tea benefits

Regarding health promotion and diet, few things pack as much of a nutritious punch better than green tea. With benefits like lowering cholesterol, reducing cancer risk, and phytonutrients powerful, they demonstrate benefits even when applied topically, meaning applied on the skin.1,6

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It seems like a no-brainer to slam down a cup or two daily. Add fresh-cut fruits or low GI glycemic index for those not keen on the bitterness (which water temperature affects) or flavor.

Sweeteners such as honey can completely transform green tea.

Iced green tea for fatigue

My favorite energy-inducing hack is also a wonderful summertime treat- iced green tea! The way I prepare it has no added sugar. So this is safe for persons with diabetes or other metabolic disorders. Green tea is chock full of antioxidants, polyphenols, and caffeine.3

Green tea has also been shown to positively impact the health of persons with liver, heart disease, and cancer.4

I've included my recipe below to make it a refreshing and invigorating way to beat the heat.

This recipe works best if you let your green tea bags steep overnight but can also be instant if you add ice cubes after preparing. It also calls for semi-hot water to prepare the concentrated tea that is the basis for making it.

An important tip about green tea is not to use boiling hot water. It can make the flavor bitter and unappealing. The ideal temperature for steeping green tea is between 158-185 degrees Fahrenheit.5

Iced green tea recipe

Here is my recipe for iced green tea:


  • 4-6 green tea bags
  • 2 Litres of cold water (this is adaptable to pitcher size)
  • 2 cups of hot water
  • 1 large pitcher or jug
  • Other Add Ins:1 sliced lemon2 tbsp of honey (if you like it sweet)1 sprig of lavender or rosemary½  cup summer fruits (raspberries, sliced peaches, pitted cherries)


  1. Take your 4-6 green tea bags and add to the 2 cups of semi-hot water in a sealable mug or liquid measuring cup. Let sit on your counter for 4 hours or overnight in the fridge. This will make a sort of green tea concentrate.
  2. Grab your pitcher and fill it with about ¾ full cold water. Grab your green tea concentrate and add it to the water.
  3. Add any other ingredients you like (lemon, fruits, sweeteners, etc.) and have delicious and naturally energizing iced green tea.

I hope you enjoy this recipe and that it helps you cool down during this never-ending heat wave.  No matter how refreshing, a beverage is no replacement for proper medical care.
So, if you find your exhaustion symptoms worsening or fatigue affecting your ability to perform day-to-day tasks, please reach out to a trusted healthcare professional.

Do you have any summer recipes you cannot live without? Share your favorite recipe to beat the heat in the comments!

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