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What Kind of Doctor Do I Need to Treat Hepatitis C? How Do I Find One?

You may have received your hep C diagnosis in a number of ways; Blood donation centers, life insurance companies for medical physicals, community health clinics, health departments with on-site testing for hep C antibodies, emergency room, primary doctors, or hospital stay.

If you have been diagnosed with hepatitis C, being treated by the right doctor can make the difference in helping you receive the right tests and treatment. If you have been diagnosed with hepatitis C, it’s important to be seen by a doctor who specializes in liver disease and viral infections such as hepatitis C. Specialists in liver disease include hepatologists, gastroenterologists, and infectious disease doctors.

Do I need a liver specialist?

A liver specialist specializes in liver disease conditions and up to date with current treatments and testing needed to evaluate and monitor your condition. They are also familiar with complications and associated conditions related to hepatitis C.

They can be familiar with patient assistance programs and work as your patient advocate to help you obtain assistance from the right resources for treatment. Choosing your healthcare team is very important. You are the captain, but a liver specialist, nurses, and pharmacy/treatment providers are essential in fighting hepatitis C and liver disease.

How do I find a liver specialist?

  • The first step in finding a liver specialist can be a referral from your primary care doctor.
  • If you do not have a primary doctor or don’t have medical insurance, you can locate a liver specialist through physician locator services like with the American Liver Foundation.
  • For those who are veterans, the Veteran’s Administration is a resource for testing and treatment with a liver specialist.
  • There are a variety of patient assistance programs available for those who do not have medical insurance or need help with co-pays for treatment.

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