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Feel Better Soon Foods for Hepatitis C

Feel Better Soon Foods for Hepatitis C

I remember when the hep C virus was gnawing on my liver. Sometimes I would be so hungry, but became afraid of foods. Restlessly wandering the grocery store became a pastime. I inspected food labels while listening to my stomach growl. After discovering a list of foods that were sure to make me feel satisfied, my kitchen was always stocked. Staying healthy with hepatitis C means that we have to eat a good balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fiber. These items are a great way to get it all!


Nothing is easier to fix, or tastes more like home than chicken. You may enjoy putting a whole fryer in a slow cooker. By seasoning it with celery, parsley, and ground black pepper, it is a great meal starter for a few days. This gives you a great stock to make soup with also. If you prefer breast meat, buy it frozen and sauté it in olive oil with a few herbs or salt-free seasonings. Chicken provides protein!


Nothing is easier than peeling a potato. Sometimes I bring the bowl into the living room and rest on the coach while cutting up a batch. When cubed, they can be fried in a little olive oil with herbal seasonings. Boil them gently and mash them up with almond milk for a homestyle treat. You can also add them to the chicken stock and start a batch of soup!


By shopping in the produce department, you will never come up empty. It takes time to learn how to grab a bowl of veggies with home made dressing. The best part is that you get to add any combination of raw vegetables that you choose. Tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots can be added. Some mixed greens come pre-packaged. Shake up some balsamic vinegar with olive oil and herbs and you’ve got a healthy dressing that can be stored in the fridge.


A healthy slice of lower sodium bread can hold some delicious protein for you to carry on the go. Start with the healthiest bread you can find. Keep a nut butter and sugar free jelly in the cupboard. Maybe you prefer a fried egg on your sandwich, or perhaps some tuna salad. Make your own dressing and the sky is the limit!


Honey and agave nectar can also be paired with a nut butter. Stir this up and you’ve got delicious apple dippers. Low or no sodium popcorn is always a great snack as well as a healthier low sodium tortilla chip. If you prefer, go for yogurt! Greek yogurt with added fruit will tide you over for a long while.

Veggies and fruit

When you make produce the number one snack at your house, get ready to feel healthy and energetic. When using canned, watch for sodium. Frozen is always a tastier option, but fresh is the bestest!

When your hunger strikes, you can feel an energy slump. You need some feel better soon foods for Hepatitis C.

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