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The Liver-Friendly Shopping List

In the age of the internet, finding new recipes to spice up your palate is no chore. It is easy to find which foods may be helpful or harmful, and that can even be tailored to a specific health condition.  This reigns true for recipes using ingredients that are beneficial for liver health. As HepatitisC.net has been showing many liver-friendly recipes, I felt inspired to share my research on liver-loving foods!

Starting a liver-friendly shopping list

To get a better idea of how to use food to nourish and lessen the stress on your liver, first we must examine which foods may be most beneficial for liver health! So get out your grocery lists and get ready to explore a new way of looking at healthy foods.

If you have wine or beer on the list already, I'd suggest scratching it off if you have liver health in mind. Alcohol is uniquely damaging to our largest organ and should likely be avoided by hepatitis C positive or cured persons. Along with scratching off the alcohol, the chips, pop, and sweets may need to go. Fatty, sugary, and processed foods are difficult for the liver to filter and metabolize. There are alternatives all over the place now, many grocery stores also carry less-sugary, less-processed, and healthier versions of our favorite treats. Moderation is key in any diet and when contemplating a liver-friendly diet. However, if your liver is giving you trouble currently, you may find that it is best to abstain from these types of foods altogether.

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Fresh is best for liver-conscious eaters

The best foods for your liver are the ones that grow in the ground, on trees and sometimes on bushes. Yes, you guessed it: fruits and veggies! Vegetables and fruits are wonderful in adding color, nutrients, and sweetness. Some of these fresh foods are better than others in assisting the liver in its production and health. The top-ranked vegetables are broccoli, avocado, and leafy greens like kale or chard and beets. Fruits that may promote liver health include berries, citrus such as pineapple and lemons, as well as bananas.1

Picking pantry staples and proteins

Pantry staples key to liver health can be harder to determine than fresh foods. When stocking the pantry, make sure to add oatmeal, brown rice, and whole-wheat products. Using un-refined, un-processed carbohydrates will leave you feeling fuller for longer. They are also easier on the digestive system as a whole compared to their bleached and whitened counterparts. Snacking is a battle for some, but introducing snacks such as nuts, small amounts of dried fruits, low-sugar granola bars and low-fat options are the best bet. As you come by the meat and deli aisles, keep your eyes out for lean meats and fish. Poultry and fish are your new best friends! Look out for fish that is high in omega 3 fatty acids, such as salmon. Omega 3’s are considered a ‘good fat’ and have been shown in some studies to reduce inflammation, help maintain enzyme levels, and reduce the buildup of ‘bad fats.’

Now that your cart is full of healthy, liver-friendly foods, you can start researching recipes and playing with the flavors you like! Keep your eyes open for the next liver foodie article where favorite, easy to make and affordable recipes will be shared.

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