a woman gives herself a high five in a mirror and hangs positive affirmations amongst the flowers growing in her home

Affirmations to Help You Through Hep C

Last updated: March 2022

Daily Affirmations is what got me through some pretty hard days of fighting hepatitis c. After my life became balanced emotionally and my depression lifted, I was looking for ways to keep my spirit and my emotions up.

I picked up this book in our local bookstore that literally changed my life.

Since my move this year, I have yet to find it in the boxes from moving but the title was Positive Affirmations. Once I get the author or find it I will post a link to this article so you can find it, too.

I am now addicted to these types of books.  You can find them almost anywhere. 

Motivating words for living with hep C

I highly suggest you get one and start each day reading it out loud to yourself. In my kitchen, I have this clipboard that I write a note to myself each day.  

It could be as simple as “I am Beautiful” or “Today is my day and I will seize it”.

I want to share some of my positive notes that have impacted my life-fighting hep c and liver disease.

Staring at the crumbs in the bottom of your cup is limiting the vision from around you.   

Life is tough but so are you.

God only gives the toughest battles to those he knows can handle it.

Take time to go outside and look at the beautiful scenery.

Stop and smell the flowers.

You are the Gatekeeper of your mind. Be selective about what you allow in.

Stop comparing your life to those around you. You are unique and no one is out there like you

No illness or disease should define you. You are Stronger than you feel

Be selective who you allow close to you. Let negative go… People, news, friends. Surround yourself with positive uplifting people.

"No" is a complete sentence.

You do not need approval from anyone. If you are hurting and need rest, do it.

It is ok to not feel good all the time. The key is don’t allow yourself to stay there.

REST, REST, REST that is the BEST.

Change your mindset to a positive outlook

I also recommend starting a gratitude journal now during your fight with hep c. You will be amazed how your mind and thoughts can transpire over to calm, positive, blessed feelings.

The last words from my mother before she passed away from hep c will forever be my life’s motto and my foundation. (The Bonnie Morgan Foundation for HCV)

“Not without a FIGHT!  I have since got it copy-written and use it in all the foundation's links. 

She held my hand and said to me “Kim, you do this not without a FIGHT!”.  And that is what I do. 

On my hard and tough days, I repeat this several times.

This journey you are on can be difficult no doubt about it. I will admit it and confirm it is hard. 

However, dig your heels in and fight.  There are amazing cures available.

Get tested, get treatment, get cured.

Smile today and know you are not alone in your fight!

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