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Learn How You Can Conquer Hepatitis C

There is great hope to conquer hepatitis C. With improvement treatment with direct-acting antiviral medication, there is a high cure rate of over 95% in most cases.

Proactive steps

There are 5 important proactive steps to take as you move forward in your battle with hepatitis C.

  1. Testing: Get tested and receive your test report.
  2. Build your healthcare team: Seek care with a liver specialist like a hepatologist, gastroenterologist, or infectious disease specialist. These doctors specialize in liver disease, care, and treatment.
  3. Get treatment as early as possible. Early treatment can help prevent further liver damage from occurring.
  4. Learn more: Learn how to take care of your liver by learning what helps and harms your liver.
  5. Find support: Support provides you with great benefits. Understanding, encouragement, and support are important in your healing journey. You are not alone.

What hepatitis C treatment is best for you?

Treatment for hepatitis C is determined by many factors. There are a variety of treatments available for all genotypes, and various degrees of liver damage and medical conditions. Some factors that may impact treatment include genotype (virus strain), viral load, liver condition (if any liver damage is present and the amount of liver damage), any other medical conditions or co-infections, history of previous hep C treatment, and age (certain treatments work best for children versus adults).

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Help for those who need assistance

If you do not have medical insurance or can not afford co-pays, there are a variety of patient assistance programs available to help you qualify for treatment. Talk to your doctor and healthcare provider for a list of patient assistance programs or ask for the name of the pharmaceutical company of the medication your doctor recommends for you.

If you encounter obstacles, persevere, and search for help. Perseverance is key to conquering hepatitis C. Never give up. Get tested, seek treatment as soon as possible. You are worth it!

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