a man is praying as a way of coping with hepatitis C

Finding Peace in The Storm

Finding peace in the storm of being diagnosed with hep C... This is a difficult thing to do for anyone coming to face a new diagnosis of being hep C positive. As with any health issue, a person may find it hard to sleep, be happy, or have hope.

For myself, I was already a faith-based individual. I am not saying that one needs to be of faith to get through this, but rather I want to share my own personal experience.

My hepatitis C diagnosis

I spent many night with tears filling my pillow, feeling lost, and like God was punishing me for something. I felt rejected by society, my doctor, and some of my friends. I was angry at GOD, I felt as though my life was ending and out of control. I was at the mercy of this disease.

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Searching for a purpose

I stopped dreaming of my future. I was living day to day, minute to minute. I prayed each day for God’s mercy and miracle of healing me. It was then that I dug deeper into my faith and realized that I was not being punished - God was not just giving me this huge burden. It was because he knew I could handle it. I was then asked by my doctor to be the “face” of hep C.  Sharing my personal journey and letting the public see that an average person could have hep C and not even know it.

God was using me now to be a voice for those fighting hep C and using me to educate and cheer on those fighting it as well. Once I saw my whole purpose of having hep C, I felt blessed by having it. I meeting people literally all over world. I was consoling and educating others on the importance of getting tested and making sure no one felt alone fighting this.

Today, I continue to feel blessed by having gone through this fight. I see now that it was God's plan all along for my life.

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