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The Importance of Faith and Hope with Hepatitis C

It can be a challenge to look beyond hepatitis C. Shifting your focus to faith and hope makes a difference in the journey. In my journey with hepatitis C, I experienced a huge difference in how I felt mentally, emotionally, and physically when I focused on faith and hope. Faith is described in the Bible: “Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” (Hebrews 11:1 NIV)

During my 20-year journey with hepatitis C, I relied on my faith and hope, even on the ugly days when I felt my worst. I reminded myself what I was experiencing was temporary. It was a season that would change. I had faith and hope beyond what I was experiencing would work out for my good.

Coping with hepatitis C

I used a variety of methods to keep my focus looking forward as I battled hepatitis C, including:

  • Keeping a daily thankfulness journal.
  • Listening, watching, and reading something daily that was up-lifting.
  • Reading the Bible and prayer.
  • Writing down Bible verses on 3x5 cards and keeping them out where I would see them often.
  • Keeping my thoughts active by working on a creative project.
  • Working through small daily to-do lists which helped me feel proactive.
  • Getting dressed daily. This sounds simple, but changing your clothes helps you feel better.
  • Getting out of the house for a drive, or errand. Getting a fresh view helps lift your spirit.
  • Sitting outside in the sunshine in good weather. Fresh air and sunshine are good for every living creature.
  • Eating smaller, nutritious meals and snacks throughout the day helped keep my blood sugar stable and made my meals easier to digest.
  • Mild exercise like walking, even celebrating short distances helped increase my stamina and boosts energy.
  • Guarding my thoughts if I began to feel weary or worried. Being mindful of your thoughts and where they can lead is key.

Celebrating Small Victories
Looking at small accomplishments in a new way helps keep thoughts hopeful and proactive. Completing small accomplishments are daily and weekly victories that take you closer to achieving your goal. For example:

  • Completing a box of treatment medication.
  • Getting a blood test or doctor’s visit.
  • Working on a project by breaking it down into small sections.
  • Completing each week of treatment.

For me, focusing on faith and taking proactive steps helped shed hopeful light of getting beyond hepatitis C. I reached the goal and was cured. Keep hopeful, my friend, you will get there.

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