a woman isolated in darkness, flops over on the ground, reaching out for the help of a therapist on her lap top.

Negative World Right Now

How does one stay positive with so much negativity in the world right now? I had a patient call the foundation and ask about any recommendations for maybe seeking therapy for phycological issues, being diagnosed with hep C and the pandemic all going on at once. We talked a few moments and I suggested that she seek out a therapist trained with dealing with chronic illness or recent health diagnosis. I told her to share this with her primary doctor and see if he recommends a good therapist in the area.

Struggling to cope

I got to thinking, this year truly has been difficult in dealing with everyday life. Only because everyday life has changed drastically for all of us - The masks, the limits in public spaces, the workforce forcing people to work from home now, schools being closed and everything going virtual. So, to think what is normal right now, there honestly is none. The guidelines change what seems to be daily and it is hard to stay on top of things. For me, watching the news only depresses me more.

Back in March, I was put on furlough and asked to stay home because of my health situation and being stage 4. I was given 8 weeks pay, thank goodness, but felt locked away in my home. My husband still had to work as he works in the funeral industry and so his job required him to go each and every day through this. I about drove myself crazy. I think my house was the cleanest it ever has been. My dogs got so used to me sitting and writing at my desk all day.  Life for me got depressing. I contemplated seeking outside therapy just to cope with the feelings of helplessness.

Remembering my hep C diagnosis

We all feel this way at some point or may even feel it now. It is so hard to keep your mind positive when all this is happening around us. It brought back the helpless feeling when I was diagnosed with hep C. I literally felt I lost control of my life in a split second. But once I gained composure, learned about it, and sought treatment, I did feel in control again.

Asking for help

Same with things during this time. Ride this wave and seek out a therapist or someone you can talk with about these feelings of despair. You are certainly not alone and I guarantee not the only one seeking a counselor right now. You are not weak by looking for help. You are strong to recognize things out of center for yourself. It is ok to ask for help and it is ok to have bad days. We all do that is what we call being human.

Look to find things that brighten your day. A good uplifting book, maybe a good movie flick to bring a smile to your face, or I even tried a coloring book.  Sounds silly, but I actually enjoyed this. Stay strong through this. I know better than anyone the tough days you may feel hopeless but help is out there. We are all in this together.

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