Best Advice You Can Give Someone with Hepatitis C

Being an advocate now for over 8 years and being cured for 7, I have learned so many things. I have witnessed triumph of my friends fighting hep C and I have also witnessed tragedy of those who cleared hep C but then passed on from liver cancer.

The importance of finding support

There are so many things I could say to give anyone fighting hep C that can prepare them for what lies ahead.  I can give advice based on experience and I can share the ins and outs of therapy, but bottom line, everyone is different and experiences pain and information differently. For myself, just having a person who understood me was priceless. I only wish in my early years (2005) that I knew someone who also had hep C.

I do know that if you are active in the online groups, you will learn people’s stories and grow to share yours as well. These relationships will grow over time and even though you may or may not ever meet in person, a bond will form.

Staying positive, even during challenging times

I will share based on my life, my fight with hepatitis C and my personal journey, POSITIVITY was my saving grace. I had to learn to stay in the NOW, not focus on future events, or wallow in pity of having hep C. I forced myself to remain focused on my fight, my kids, and my business and take life day to day.  I did not put pressure to be the supermom, or boss. In fact, I was far from both those. My house was not as clean and tidy as I usually keep and my office at my shop had a blow-up mattress to allow me time to lie down. I was not pulling my weight, so to speak, but I was continuing my fight and I made darn sure my kids saw their mom positive, no matter what came my way.

My advice

Today, I still live as I preach. Living life to the fullest, loving those around me, encouraging those who need lifted back to their feet, and most of all, sharing that this disease has a CURE. We all can beat this. Stay focused on getting cured. Let the rest fall into place. You do not have to be super hero right now.

Together we are STRONG. May we continue to encourage those to get TESTED and remember those whose fights are cut short.  They live on in each of us.

Not without A FIGHT! ~HCV~ ©

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