Going through Storm Clouds

In reference to storm clouds, you can envision them gathering in the far distance. The colors all vibrant, full of dark blues and grays. It is not until that storm gets closer to us that we actually feel the impact of it.

My hep C symptoms and side effects

In dealing with hep C, I have periods where I feel like I am in the midst of a big storm. My body restless, my stomach is turning, and my thoughts are foggy. All of this is normal. 

At one point or another, a patient one will begin to “feel” the effects of hep C. Early on, before I knew I had hep C, there were no signs, no symptoms. If I did have any fatigue or fogginess, I probably wrote it off as being over worked and tired. I just thought that I needed more rest.

But now, I come to terms with the storm clouds in my days. Don’t get me wrong, some days are bright and I am on top of the world. But just as fast as storms move in so do the effects of hep C and end stage liver disease. Having lived with this now almost 12 years in end stage, I have learned ways I can adjust so the effects do not linger as long or become as harsh on my body.

How I cope

To cope, all I can do is rest throughout my day. Even a little as 10 minute naps help rejuvenate me and regroup. My diet is very strict. No alcohol, and I drink mostly water and sparking water throughout my day. Staying hydrated helps me keep my body flushed of toxins that like to settle in my brain, causing brain fog. I stay away from large amounts of red meat, as that really messes with my brain fog. I eat lots of greens and limit sugary things such as candy and goodies.

My family is fully aware of my limits and my capabilities so when I do have a stormy day, they understand and help carry my load that day in chores, etc. No one can tell when our bodies storms will gather, but if we prepare for it, we can ride it out accordingly.

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