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Hep C Sucks! Let’s get rid of it!

Anyone who has had hep C will probably agree that having hep C sucks or use some other word to indicate a dislike only those of us who have had it can know.

That is not to say that it is as hard for some as it is for others because how much we are affected runs the gamut, which ranges from no symptoms or problems to a terrible disease that steals life.

How we deal with the diagnosis and subsequent symptoms, if you encounter them, can be helpful, depending on their severity and your ability to access the things that can help.

Staying positive when having hep C

Hep c isn't fun, and that’s no surprise. After all, it is a viral disease. Is there no way to think of hep c as a good thing?

I think not, but I can say something positive that did come out of having hep C, as surprising or weird as that sounds. The good and positive thing is that I have been blessed to have an opportunity to do work that helps others. It also allowed me to take my health more seriously, free of anxiety and worry, mostly anyway.

Those are positives that arose from the ashes of the awful symptoms and emotional hell I went through, and who can forget 11 months of interferon injections in my belly. Oh, fun that was.

I'm kidding. It sucked.

I am generally a positive person, but like you perhaps, we are not superheroes or any other kind of hero, we are just people who had hep C or still have it. For those who are not yet cured, I wish only all the very best in your battles.

Keeping a better outlook despite the symptoms

Many feel tired, nausea, itchiness, brain fog, and other symptoms of hep C. There is no way, no matter how much lipstick we have, we are not going to dress that pig up!

Sorry pigs, I don’t mean any disrespect. I like animals. Actually, I love them all, and they have nothing to do with the sucking part.

In fact, my dog played a vital role in keeping me together during the hep C years.

Am I all well now?

Well, that depends. It depends on how one talks about wellness, and the truth is that hep C left me with some scars I am resolved to live with, believing that there is no cure for them.

There are ways to manage the severity with some, and I try to find new and better ways to mitigate their difficulties. Not in pity, but they suck too and cause me some discomfort, but I still soldier on like many of you do.

Yes, hep C does suck, and what it can do to us sucks too, but we can at least get rid of it in our bodies. The more of us that do, the fewer people there will be with it able to pass on to others.

That most definitely does not suck at all!

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