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Awkward Sexual Moments with Hep C

There’s something so vulnerable about being sick. Hepatitis invades our liver and can leave us with some symptoms, side effects, and other awkward problems. Oh my gosh, and when sex is involved, we can become super embarrassed. I was single after my diagnosis, but surely didn’t want to spend my life celibate. Thankfully, the right guy came along and we dated during my 43-week treatment. After my sustained virologic response (SVR) showed a cure, we got married. Even then, there have been some very awkward sexual moments with hep C related problems. We get through those times and enjoy life to the fullest with hep C.

I got through it all and am moving into my radiant future. You know I’ve got your back, especially if you need any tips about handling those weirdly embarrassing times.

Telling your partner about hep C

This one was hard for me. We had dated quite a while, and then one night I cooked soup at his place. Well, I make really good soup, and before you know it, we were very relaxed and feeling at home with one another. Things were going well, until I panicked about hep C. Pulling the sheet up around my shoulders, I blurted out, “I’ve got something to tell you!”. I was so afraid of what he would say that I asked him not to look at me while I talked about the virus. Luckily, he had a holistic health background and knew more about hep C than I did. He knew that it was not a sexually transmitted disease. He reassured me... and I may have fallen in love that very night.

I’m sick to my stomach

Seriously, I kept ginger chews in the night stand, and I always had an antacid nearby too. I didn’t have food allergies, or sensitivities. No, I had a stomach full of varices that could not be banded. Sometimes, I was just too sick to have any fun. There are works arounds, I assure you. Relaxing together while sitting up helped. So did listening to calm music. On some occasions, cuddling just had to be enough.

Vaginal dryness

After a certain age or with hep C, you may have hormonal imbalances. Things can get a little out of whack. Ask your doctor about a hormone cream. You can also try a water soluble type jelly or an oil. Find one that won’t upset your PH balance.


Sometimes with hep C, our whole body is tired. Whether it’s fatigue, brain fog, hepatitis C, or just aging, your body may not always cooperate. Again, a doctor can help prescribe something, or you may have to get inventive to coax things along. If it’s fatigue, you may want to enjoy a long, lingering experience. Another option is to invite your partner to lead with their own energy.

Building trust

Having a relaxing and rewarding sexual experience is really about trust. Build a strong friendship that will last after the initial attraction wears off. Partner with each other in a variety of ways outside of the bedroom. Then you can have goals that go beyond a climatic release. Let strong communication drive your desire, and that kind of fire will burn long after the awkward sexual moments with hep C are over.

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