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Relief from Hepatitis C Related Pain

People who have never had liver disease just can’t know the amount of physical pain that accompanies inflammation and fatigue. After getting the diagnosis, it all finally made sense. Following years of staying active in spite of being tired, I learned that hepatitis C had beat up my liver. I was never able to tolerate pain relievers anyway; they knocked me out. Finding alternative pain relief forced me toward a lifestyle that supported activity, and created more of a balance in my life as well.

Alternative pain relief options

Here are my go-to options for pain relief:


My practice of the ancient art of yoga goes all the way back into my early teens. Since it was part of a transcendental meditation class that I took back in the 70s, I also added the quiet routine to my morning prayer, exercise, and aerobics routines. I found my own way to work the stretches into my daily life, inside or outdoors.


This therapy is a lot like someone else doing yoga for you, except they also break up painful adhesions. They have helped me relax and allowed for freedom of movement with less stiffness. You might consider finding a chiropractor or doctor who has a massage therapist in the office;That way, you only have to pay for the co-pay portion of the massage therapy.


Another ancient form of medicine inserts needles at certain points on the body. My friend Pam went to acupuncture school, and I let her practice on me. It provided temporary relief, her knowledge taught me so much about how our body’s systems communicate pain. Pretty soon, I was feeling more whole and strong in every area of my body.


Some spices and foods have anti-inflammatory effects. For example, turmeric root has been used a medicine for many years. In addition, you can take ginger root to relieve stomach pain. Garlic and peppers are also anti-inflammatory foods.


Some creams or oils containing capsaicin can produce an anti-inflammatory effect. Arnica gel, menthol, and camphor have been active ingredients since I was a kid. Ask your doctor about any ingredients that you are unsure of.

My pain routine

For every day mobility, I have to say gentle restorative yoga has been the very best for my long term pain reliever. By using spirit, mind, and body meditation and prayer, I’ve learned to manage a good amount of daily pain.

I have a little routine. When it’s a lot of pain, The first thing I do is get into the bathtub. Next, I try rubbing an analgesic cream and relaxing with a cup of hot tea with turmeric. If the stiffness lingers, it’s time for a massage. I have a lot of tools for that too! By dealing with pain this way, I don’t have to take a pain reliever very often. With a transplanted liver, I’m super careful. I hope you find a balance with your own pain and are able to use some alternative pain relief methods.

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