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Life After Hepatitis C: Reflections from 7 Years Cured

Last updated: February 2020

There are dates and times every patient remembers about their diagnosis with hepatitis C, going through treatment, and details of their journey. I remember sitting in my doctor’s office shortly after being diagnosed with hepatitis C, wondering if I’d ever get on the other side of it and what life after hepatitis C could be like. I had a long, 20-year journey with hepatitis C filled with many dark days, not knowing if I’d ever be cured. This year marks a special anniversary, I’m celebrating 7 years of being cured of hepatitis C. Is there life after hepatitis C? Yes, there is.

Hep C wasn't going to rule my life

A decision I made early on in my journey was that hepatitis C was not going to rule my life. Life is more than a chronic illness. I was determined to walk by faith, not by sight, which is not always easy. In a 20-year period, I had tried two prior treatments for hepatitis that were not successful. As I prepared for my third treatment, I did not know what was ahead of me, but I knew if I didn’t try, I’d never to get on the other side of hep C.

Fighting to feel better

The side effects I experienced with hepatitis C began to slowly fade while I was in recovery from treatment. Within 6 months after treatment, I began to see a big difference. My energy increased and no longer did I deal with the immense fatigue that had once plagued me. A general wellness was developed to become my new normal as my liver regenerated. It was like being watered after feeling wilted for so long. The progress was slow, but I finally made it.

Recovery tips for life after hepatitis C

Taking care of yourself while recovering from treatment is just as important as taking care of yourself when you have hepatitis C. Proactive recovery steps are important to follow and affect life after hepatitis C. Below are recommended tips for treatment recovery:

  • Eating nutritious foods
  • Drinking lots of pure water
  • Not drinking any alcohol
  • Taking time to rest
  • Getting good sleep at night
  • Performing moderate exercise and stretching to strengthen and increase stamina
  • Practicing mindfulness, prayer, or meditation
  • Keeping up with doctor's visits and tests

Get started!

When I don’t feel well, I no longer wonder if the problem is my liver. My life after hepatitis C is my new normal, achieved by treatment and recovery. If you have hepatitis C and haven't done treatment, I encourage you to do it. Take that step of faith and move forward with treatment- You’ll never get on the other side of hepatitis C until you do. You have a new life waiting on the other side.

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