Failed Treatments with Hepatitis C: Keep Fighting the Good Fight

What do you do if your treatment for hepatitis C doesn’t bring you the cure? The key is never to give up! Keep fighting the good fight.

We have more treatments for hepatitis C than ever before. Treatments are designed in specific ways for patients with all genotypes, and liver condition.

Treatments can cure hepatitis C!

Today, the majority of hepatitis C treatments have cure rates of 95% and over; it is common to receive a non-detected status ("SVR") and be cured, but there is still a small percentage of cases where treatment has not worked. In these cases, you keep fighting and try another treatment.

When treatment doesn't work

I know firsthand the disappointment from treatment not being successful. In my journey, I had done 2 prior treatments that did not work, but every time, I held strong to not giving up. I was determined to keep fighting the good fight.

Attitude is a key component in fighting hepatitis C and liver disease. In any battle, if one thing doesn’t work, you try something else and keep going until you receive the results you need. For hepatitis C patients, our goal is to be cured and our health to be restored. Never lose your focus on the goal. Be relentless and diligent.

Preparing for treatment

While you’re waiting for treatment to begin or even between starting another treatment, you are still in the fight and have powerful ways to help your body and your liver. These may include:

  • Not drinking alcohol
  • Eating a clean, nutritious diet
  • Avoiding smoke, drugs, and harmful chemicals
  • Managing your medications and being mindful of supplements
  • Tests and exams with your liver specialist
  • Keeping a positive outlook and never give up attitude

My advice: Never give up!

I personally kept my eyes on the goal and never gave up. I was able to do a third treatment which helped bring me the cure. This year, I’m celebrating 7 years of being cured from hepatitis C. My liver and health are restored and I’ve never felt better.

No matter what, there is always hope to get beyond hepatitis C, but it begins with your attitude and fighting spirit. Never give up!

Where are you in your journey with hepatitis C?

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