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What types of online support are you seeking?

Hepatitis C is often called a "silent killer." Our community is here for everyone affected by hepatitis C–no matter how you contracted it or where you are in your journey. Let us know what brings you online and how we can support you in navigating life with hep C.

  1. I contracted Hep C in 1976. About a year later I developed an anxiety disorder. Ten years later I began having symptoms of chronic fatigue. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and managed to work for 10 years. I then, due to the fatigue, went on disability. In 2000, I was diagnosed with Hep C geno 3, I think. I noticed there are successful treatments today. I’ve been monitored by a Gastro Dr since 2000. He said my liver looks ok. I do have a high viral load. I was wondering do people feel noticeably better once treated? My anxiety and fatigue are a daily battle. I’d like to believe that would abate once I was treated. Any opinion I’d appreciate. Thanks!

    1. Hi LVSummer! Thanks for posting. Our community advocates will also jump in and share their experiences. Post-treatment outcomes vary from person to person. Some people, especially if treating hep C early, can walk away from treatment with minimal or no lingering side effects. Still for many, symptoms, including fatigue, can remain after treatment. We created a resource hub that links to articles on long-term effects and follow-up care. I hope this provides context and I'm curious to see what our advocates add. -Matt (Team Member,

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