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Spotlight: Pain Awareness

September is Pain Awareness Month. We want to hear how you manage pain from hepatitis C?

  1. I just do normal exercises and then keep myself busy in little chores around home, gardening help to reduce the stress and pain. I hope it help others too...

    1. Shalom Aleichem

      I've been recently diagnosed with Hep-C. I'm 64 yrs old. My mom (RIP) while giving birth to me all those yrs ago needed a blood transfusion in order for me to be born. Of course back than they just started typing blood and Hep C was completely unknown.

      Somewhere around 3/1998 my mom started to get sick. The country doctors (at one time country doctors were pretty good, but most of them boggied off to the city) started their "tests" and for 5 months couldn't figure out what was wrong. One doctor told my mom to sober up and go home, my mom rarely drank, she'd drink during special occasions only. I was besides myself when she told me that.

      My father and mom went to my sister's house in Fla., and to the Mayo Clinic. Within a few hours they knew EXACTLY what the problem was, but the disease had progressed too far and she died 5 days later.

      In '98 my sister's and I were tested and it came up negative.

      In 08/2017 I had a fall that required me to go to the doctor (I'm not, nor ever was the type to go to the doctor for a booboo, it has to be a Catastrophic event). While there he asked I I'd like a physical and some blood work an I figured what the hell I'm 64.

      They informed me my liver enzymes were elevated an ordered a Hep C test. It came back positive. I had it checked 2 more times all with the same results.

      No symptoms whatsoever until 2 months ago. For the past 8 months or so things have been extremely stressful to the point of almost passing out from anger, stress, anxiety, etc. Than I started getting pain in my upper-middle r/s and than this rash came up.

      Now some may be asking me why haven't I gone back to the doctor to get treated? Well I haven't any health insurance, so I've been going to the "free" clinic. If anyone has ever gone to the free clinic you'll note there's a lot of people there abusing the system with ridiculous problems and using up valuable resources. So they're stretched to the limit.

      It ook the clinic 4 months to send me the necessary paperwork in order to get treated at VCU in Richmond Va. I finally received it, filled it out, sent it in (that was 12/2017) and haven't heard squat from them.

      So, I take (all natural) Milk Thistle, licorice root, etc and it seems to hold it at bay.

      I find it a disgrace that the pill that will cure this terrible disease is $1,000 each. I read somewhere that in India the same pill costs $3.

      I look forward from hearing everyone's remedies, stories etc. Hopefully something can happen to force these greedy pharmaceutical companies to lower their ridiculous prices down to where people like myself can afford it w/o having to just wait until the reaper comes to claim his prize.

      Baruch haba b'shem YaHah
      MiKaEl (Mike)

      1. I walk 8 miles a day since my Hip and joints can't handle running. Prior to my 1st treatment I had a hard time walking. On Vosevi now for my 2nd treatment and have 3 weeks 6 days to go.I do not take anything for my pain because my liver has enough going on already. My biggest issue is pain when I get up after sitting or long car rides. Takes me a little while to loosen up.

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