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Has anyone else gone on Mavyret and not been cleared?

I’ve been finished for two weeks and they said my viral load is still 12. They’ll do bloodwork in November and if it’s continued to go up I’ll have to take the treatment again. I was stressed out hearing this and wondered if anyone else has had this experience?

  1. Hi Dani,
    Congratulations on completing treatment! We know that getting started on treatment can be tough. With time, your viral load should drop–it doesn't always happen immediately after treatment. Twelve weeks after treatment is completed, which sounds like it should be around November, you'll take a test to measure sustained virologic load. The new treatment options have especially high cure rates. Wishing you all the best! Keep us in the loop about your test results? -Matt (Team Member)

    1. Thanks Matt,

      I was concerned because the HepC nurse seemed to say that most people are cleared immediately. I just don't have any information regarding wether it clears right away most of the time, and if it doesn't what are the chances that it just won't. I'm happy to hear you say that it doesn't always happen immediately. Do you know if it doesn't clear immediately in very many people? And do they usually clear by the two month viral load check? I'll just have to wait for the November results. - Danielle

  2. Hi Dani. I know you are frustrated and disappointed. We can’t tell you how many people clear in the months after treatment. No one has studied that. With a viral load of only 12, I would think that you have a decent chance of being clear with your next lab test. I wish you you the very best.

    1. Thank you, Susan. That’s the information I was wondering about. My HepC nurse didn’t seem to know either, so I figured there just wasn’t any data gathered yet.

      1. Hi Dani, my name is Randy. I wanted to assure you that MANY don’t get undetected results till later in treatment. I didn’t until almost 8 weeks and I’m cured almost 6 years now. My cure marker was <15 undetected so I, as Sue said, think that <12 is pretty much the same just a little lower! The remaining virii are tossed out by your immune system and shed! The magic word you want to ask your doc about in “UNDETECTED” and I’ll bet you’ll see that in your next lab! Please stay connected and let us know so we can celebrate together ok? SVR and much care to you, Randy, Community Moderator

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