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Eclipses Medication

As most took Ecuplsa after other medications failed with my type 2 hep c.I was cured in 2016. Since this medication is new my question is this since taking this medication now after a few years I have developed tumors and masses in my back and have had to have several surgeries to be removed and the surgeon says they can keep coming back has anyone else experienced something like this because the surgeon has no clue on why this is happening and thinks it could of had to do with this drug please help

  1. , thank you for sharing your question with us–I'm so sorry you are experiencing tumors and complications after hep C treatment. Have you shared your concern about medication with your doctor?

    I am interested in hearing from patients and community advocates about after treatment experiences too. I have not heard from other patients who have experienced this. Please know that we're here with you for support.

    -Matt (Community Manager)

    1. Yes went to our Dr and they said there is not enough studies out there to say that your tumors are from the Ecuplsa I was wondering if anyone else had had these things tumors

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