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Delaying treatment

I was diagnosed a bit over two years ago I wasn't surprised at the diagnosis at all my ex-husband had it for the 17 years we lived together and after my divorce, I fell into a very deep depression and begin using drugs intravenously. So the diagnosis was no surprise. I put off doing treatments or even starting any treatments due to the fact I was taking care of a chronically ill granddaughter and we were in and out of hospitals for many years for months at a time. Now I can finally take care of myself and the things that are going on with me. I've had no symptoms so it's one of those things where you put in the back of your head and think well it can't be bothering me because I have no symptoms.

However, I'm having other issues which maybe you contributing to my hepatitis C. I have chronic kidney stones which we're not talking about one year we're talking three to four a year. I'm borderline diabetic. And of course, I've had other stomach issues. My major part is the depression I have not told anybody especially my daughter because I care for her children my grandchildren and I'm afraid of what she'll say about it. I do take precautions while they're in my care. I haven't told anybody because of the stigma behind it and that in itself is very depressing.

I'm 58 on a been clean off of drugs for approximately 7 1/2 years. I want to begin treatment as soon as possible I'm just worried about what my daughter will say for hiding it from her for such a long time. Or I can start treatment and still not tell anybody and be cured of it so I am I Turning Point to figure out what I feel like I need to do. I'm so confused about how I feel because of hiding it for such a long time.

  1. Hi Nina, thank you for sharing your story with us. That takes tremendous courage and I just want to commend you for leaning into discomfort. I understand your concern with telling family amidst the stigma, it's only natural to worry about what they may say or react. At the same time, they may surprise you: hep C shouldn't have this stigma, there are so many people living with it.

    Have you seen a doctor or specialist to get started with hepatitis C treatment? Please know we're here with you for support. -Matt (Community Manager)

    1. Hi Ninamarie. I agree with everything Matt has said. Not knowing your family, it is hard to help you with your decision about telling them now. Go with what makes you most comfortable. I can tell you that treatment is quite easy. It lasts between 8 and 12 weeks. For the vast majority of patients itbis no big deal. Side effects for most are minor headaches and a bit of fatigue. Many people report no side effects and a very few feel flu-like. I would urge you to treat. Treatment is close to 100% SUCCESSFUL! I hope you will consider that. ( Sue, Community Moderator)

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