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Patricia Maciel was a caregiver for her husband for five years while he had hepatitis C. Until his transplant occurred, her family went through so many emotional problems, as many go through when they have someone with hepatitis C in the family. All those situations helped Patricia build-up a desire to go deep and help the hepatitis C community. So, Patricia did, and not just here in the US, but also in Brazil, where her family is from (her husband's company had sent him here). Since Patricia didn't have any family members close to lean on, she used to talk to them through video on social media, but it was not enough to make her feel the connection she needed.

As a psychologist, Patricia started to have contact with hepatitis C groups, and became a moderator on some Facebook pages for hepatitis C in Brazil. Patricia got to know Kimberly Morgan Bossley, also with hepatitis C at that time through one of the groups here in the US. After awhile, Kimberly invited Patricia to help start her foundation, "The Bonnie Morgan Foundation for HCV." It was a beautiful journey because Patricia could use all her knowledge about hepatitis C that she had learned with her husband. Patricia designed and wrote the content for the foundation's website. Also, she moderated for the Facebook page, assisting many patients in their needs.

Patricia was trying to cope with all those things to help keep her healthy, since helping others always made her feel more in balance. Until her mom got cancer, which was a huge set back for her. With two people who meant a lot for her being very sick, Patricia decided to stop for a while to dedicate more time for her family. With two adolescent daughters and all those things happening, she knew she did need a lot of faith and trust in her instinct to keep going through it. Patricia always wants to show she was well and strong, but she knew that she was tired and afraid inside. All the uncertainty they went through with the treatment failure, seeing her daughters growing up in the middle of this uncertainty that dad could die anytime without a transplant, made them cover-up all the emotional feelings. In 2013, Patricia's husband was in a final stage of liver failure, but he finally got the transplant. He got the cure six months after the transplant with Harvoni and started to live a healthy life, but Patricia got sick. Feeling depressed and plagued with panic attacks, she could see that all her family got hit with the same emotional problems. After all those years of going through the emotional pain of seeing her husband going through these painful moments and the transplant, talking with so many different families going through the same thing, Patricia knew she could help more people in some away. Still, she was so badly off emotionally that she couldn't figure it out for a while.

One day, she decided to change all this situation and started to study Quantum healing to help her and her family get spiritually and emotionally stronger. It was a remarkable change in a lot of things in her life, making it much easier to deal with the past problems they did have. It was a blessing to learn all about it. Patricia wanted to help others that had to go through hard times in their lives and, she did. Patricia knew she could do it in the same way that she did for herself. Today, as a spiritual awakening coach, Patricia helps people become more aware of their feelings and thoughts, along with how they affect you and around you. She helps them get in a more profound connection - whether it be through faith, in relationships, or with their consciousness.

Patricia firmly believes that helping others is a way to heal yourself too. On her Instagram page, @_unlockyourthoughts, she helps people to understand a little better about Quantum cure. Patricia knows how an illness can affect your family in all aspects, emotionally and physically. Still, she knows that if everyone collaborates and has faith and love, it can turn around and get better. Being a caregiver was a gift; It made her realize that everyone has an extraordinary power inside. We need to believe; it can help us in our emotional and physical body. If you are a caregiver now, be grateful, you got called for this extraordinary path because you have the spirit to do it, and if not, it means you need to learn it to get your own higher self more in balance and live a better life.

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