Karen Hoyt

”HepatitisI’m Karen Hoyt, a Hepatitis C survivor who beat the virus. I started ihelpc.com, Your Best Friends Guide, while living with end stage cirrhosis. Being a health food nut helped me survive cancer with a liver loving diet. Now a transplant survivor, I’m an incurable optimist who refuses to quit. I’m a teacher who has learned a lot on my journey and get a big kick out of sharing my tips and tricks with others. I recently wrote a book called The Liver Loving Diet, to share easy ways to eat low sodium and healthy protein with liver disease.

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At one time this virus was considered incurable. Even if the silent disease has taken you to the end of your life, like it has with me, there is still hope. With new treatment options, nutritional health, and each other – I think we are unstoppable.

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