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A fridge is crowded with colorful magnets, children's cart, and a whiteboard calendar that is counting down the days.

Balancing Family Life During Hep C Treatment

I needed help balancing family life during hep C treatment. When I was treating, I ended up moving in with my daughter and grandkids. We faced challenges, and I'd like to offer some friendly advice about how we were balancing family life during treatment.

"How can I balance family life during hep C treatment?"

Know that there will be stress and be prepared, so you can stay calm. Identify your needs, and have a conversation with your family about them. I wrote them down on a sticky note for all to see: Meals, Medications, Myself.

First, know that there will be stress. Let everyone know that you need certain foods that are good for your body. Explain how important the hepatitis C treatment medications are to help you live longer and heal your liver. Finally, take good care of yourself.

My tips

If you are balancing family life during treatment, this video will show you some tips I used. For example, use a calendar, or other visuals that will help everyone understand that there is an end to treatment, and you will begin to feel better soon.

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