How Hep C Stigma Leads to Embarrassment

Over 3 million Americans have been diagnosed with hepatitis C. However, due to myths and misconceptions surrounding hep C, many patients experience stigma, shame, or embarrassment related to the condition.

Learn more about the stigma surrounding hepatitis C, and how this stigma affects people living with the condition:

If you have or a loved one have been diagnosed with hepatitis C, you are not alone. Connect with our online community for resources and support, contact Help-4-Hep for more help, or email us at

Editor's Note: Are you afraid to talk about your hepatitis C? Some people want to learn more about hep C, but also want to keep their diagnosis private. At, there are ways to get information and connect with others, without revealing your identity. Click here to learn more about how to talk about hep C anonymously.

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