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5 Things to Ask Your Doctor After You’ve Been Cured 

5 Things to Ask Your Doctor After You’ve Been Cured 

Now that you’ve finally finished treatment for hep C, here are 5 things to ask your doctor after you’ve been cured. Yes, it’s a real relief to know it’s over. Definitely go ahead and celebrate, because you’ve done it! As your thoughts turn toward the future, you may wonder what the next steps will be. You may have some fears or anxiety about your body. Talk to your health care provider about any questions you may have.

1. Will my liver begin to heal now?

If you have had the virus for many years, there may be some damage. Your liver can regenerate itself over time. Your stage of liver disease may even be reversed, because after all, it is no longer being attacked. For those with no liver disease, getting rid of the virus reduces inflammation, so that no further scarring takes place. Your doctor can help you understand your stage of liver disease.

2. How long until I feel like better?

After the virus is gone, your whole body begins to calm down. You begin to feel stronger with time. Watch for your energy levels to increase. Also, your brain fog and fatigue may decrease over time. Your medical provider may give you a timeline and remind you to stay calm, knowing that as the medications leave your system, you can get stronger every day. They can also tell you what symptoms or changes to watch for in the coming months.

3. Can I live longer now?

Hepatitis C is harmful to your liver, and that takes a toll on your whole body. As you begin a life that is free from the virus, everything changes. Talk with your doctor about your stage of fibrosis. Your health care provider can offer you hope based on your current health. Ask about setting goals to help you live longer, and stronger.

4. How can I stay healthy in the future?

Of course, you want to do everything possible to move forward to a healthy tomorrow. You are motivated to make lifestyle changes that include exercise and healthy eating. Talk to your doctor about any other health concerns or addictions that you want help with now.

5. When is my next appointment?

Regular visits with your doctor provide a chance for them to do a health check-up for your liver. Having hepatitis is a risk factor for other illness such as liver cancer, diabetes, or fatty liver disease. Lab tests reveal a lot, and a physical exam is a great way to screen out any potential problems. Your doctor can provide information about what screenings they suggest. One example is to ask about an ultrasound, because it can detect any spots or abnormalities on your liver. You may need to follow up with a specialist if you have any other conditions along with hep C.

Wrapping it up

Asking these important questions is a smart way to start your hepatitis-C-free life. Your doctor can help you during the follow-up phase. By knowing the 5 things to ask your doctor after you’ve been cured, you can plan for your healthy future and move forward into life.

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