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Notarized document representing difference aspects of healthcare

Do I Need A Power of Attorney?

When someone comes into a serious health diagnosis of any kind, but including hepatitis C, it’s a good idea to get a generic power of attorney (POA) form from your local hospital. You can even find the form online. Basically, a power of attorney form tells your family and friends, but most importantly your medical team, know how you would like your wishes carried out if you become unresponsive or pass away.

Should you be worried?

Now, please do NOT take me talking about this as me saying that “hep C is going to kill you”. Hep C is a very serious health issue, and like all health issues, it is good to have a plan in place. Let me reinforce this statement to ease your thoughts/… There are so many hep c treatments out on the market now, curing patients with a 99% success rate. Those odds are so much better than when I filed out my paperwork in 2007. Back then, there was a 50/50 change of being cured.

My decision

For myself, the first time I filled out mine, it left me feeling sick to my stomach. No one wants to think of something happening to them, but I had two small kids that I had to think of. Just losing my mom only a year prior, I knew what was to come- or, so I thought.

I filled out the necessary things needed like who is my power of attorney, meaning who will make medical decisions for my health if I am not able to. If something was to happen, I had to say if I want to be resuscitated and kept alive on a ventilator. Yes, all things that no one wants to talk about.

Steps to take

Sit your closest family down with you (or friends) and share with them your wishes. Make sure everyone knows what to do in the event that something happens. It is also important to set up a will, if you don’t have one. Again, things that make us all cringe, but important.

Once you have this filled out, it becomes an official legal document when you have it signed in front of a notary.  If you feel this is too complicated, you can seek out assistance from a local attorney that designs and regulates wills and testaments. Then, this document can be scanned into your medical records, and you can keep the original in a safe fireproof place.

No matter what stage of the virus you are in that you <take your health seriously. This includes any necessary legal documents that outline your wishes. It is better to be prepared ahead of time.

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