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  • I'm trying to find someone to connect with and get support from. I'm new to this and feel lost. I really think I would greatly benefit from having someone like me that I can talk to. Someone who knows exactly what I'm saying. No one but someone else with Hep c can truly know how you feel. Thanks in advance. Prefer someone near me in Lakeland FL

    Dear today after getting my wife tested for blood cp and ELISA i was informed that my wife HCV test is positive. Now her pregnancy month passing on is 7th. I want to know that is there any other condition during pregnancy that is similar to HCV (shown in result today) or it is a sign i should be worry about. Secondly is it possible that this test is wrong or may be a human error..? Waiting for you humble reply Please

    my VL is now 41 and before treatment my Viral Load was almost 7 million. This after only 3 weeks!!! Amazing!!!

    I'm. In my second month of treatment with harvoni and I cannot remember what i did yesterday or day before. I have sseveral diagnosis esses...ADD, diabetes type 2 and h ep c. Ive never been great with time concepts but im wondering if this is part of "brain fog" ? From hep c...or maybe Alzheimers? Im 65 and have been treated for clinical depression a long tume. But now i found out that could be from hep c. Any thoughts?

    Do you have any tips or life hacks you use to help navigate and manage hep c? Share them here!

    Here is a link to a wonderful presentation by Dr. Norah Terrault. Dr. Terrault is a nationally recognized hepatologist from San Francisco. This video is well-worth a listen.

    I feel like iv got bugs on me can get bad use steroid cream to fight it my fore arms are scared. and other places too but mostly tops of my fore arms are tore up!!! it's sad but what can you do. just deal!!!!

    Everyday i wake its like wtf im soo tired an lethargic im waitn on insurance so i can get my treatment done but omg does this shit effect me every single day i used to joke about havn it when i was in detox...but now i dont even like to leave my aprtment sometimes it feels like i cant i just want to lay in bed all day

    I'm looking for support groups and places for me and my boyfriend to go to learn about Hep C

    I was diagnosed 6 years ago having hepc because of my Iv drug use. I was stunned of the diagnosis but took it in stride because I didn't have any symptoms which is common. I am a military veteran and get all of my medical needs took care of at a VA hospital. Last year my doctor told me about a new treatment the VA was going to prescribe and I signed up for it. After only 8 weeks of treatment taking Harvoni once a day, I can say I am cured. I feel really humbled to be free of this disease. I got free treatment. Did not cost me a dime. Well I served 12 years protecting America so I don't feel to bad. I wish everyone could be treated with Harvoni at a reasonable cost .If any one knows a veteran with Hepc tell them to go to their nearest VA and get treated. Thanks for hearing me out.

    I was diagnosed with hep c in the early 90's.I have tried multiple treatments including interferon, ribavirin, solvadi and harvoni. None have worked. I am responsive to the NS5A gene but still no cure. However, I was only on Harvoni for 12 weeks and responded very well but was taken off drug to early. Now Dr's want me to try for 24 weeks but insurance company say NO. I am approaching the decompensated phase. I have cirrhosis now developing ascites. Meld score is 10 so no chance of a liver transplant for me. I'm about ready to give up.

    Sometimes a vacation or some time away can help alleviate all the stress that comes with managing hepatitis C! What are some tips and tricks you've found to help with travel while managing hepatitis C?

    i just recently got diagnosed with hep c im in a rehab been here 2 weeks im a alcoholic i havent used a needle for 2 yrs i think i caught it from sex but my viral count after a week of being diagnosed was 314000 is that a high count.

    As summer quickly approaches, we are focusing on the changing of the seasons and how it may impact hep C. What tips and tricks do you use to manage the hot and cold temperatures and hep C? We want to hear from you!

    Are the symptoms of hep c different with each geno type?

    It’s May, and that means it’s Hepatitis C awareness month! We’ve seen awareness promoted in so many ways. What does awareness mean to you? And, how do you spread awareness? Share by replying below!

    I had Hep C for over 30 years and as far as I can tell no longer have the virus. I expected to feel better without the virus. That was the point of getting treated. I did not have significant liver issues except for an ocassional high ALT or bilirubin number. I know I was lucky. Each liver biopsy carried a risk and the treatment said on the package insert that the drugs I took could kill me. All of this was so I would eventually feel better. It has been a year since I started treatment, about 8 months since I stopped treatment and I don't feel any better. I wanted more energy, more stamina fewer skin issues. The skin issues are worse, and I am the same as far as energy. Why did I risk my life and give the drug company $87K? The is no data that says I would ever progress, no one could tell me that I would have liver related health issues later. The life insurance company charged me 3 times the normal rate. The life insurance company is the only ones that said I would have an issue. They just wanted more money. When I went back to them with the news that I was cured, they had no interest in lowering my rate. The drug and life insurance companies are scaring the crap out of people for no reason so they can cash in while they can. Most of us will probably never have a liver related issue. Why isn't anyone doing any research on this question? Why did I risk my life with 3 liver biopsies and 2 failed attempts at a cure and a risky treatment when I still feel the same?

    As spring rolls in many are getting the itch to spring clean after all the dreary winter months. So, this April we’re highlighting spring cleaning with hepatitis C. How does hep C making it difficult to keep up with household chores? Have you found any tricks to cleaning while managing hep C? Share any spring cleaning tips or tricks here!

    One of the areas of HCV research that I have been very disappointed in is the lack of information about what happens if you have been infected 10, 20, 30 years. We have known about this disease long enough to have decent information. The one study everyone quotes was a 20 year study but after 20 years most of the patients were in their 60's and started to die from other causes. I have been infected for 30 years and have no data to make any sort of decision. I know my life insurance company thinks I am a high risk because I am paying 3 times what I should pay for my age and health. My health insurance company seems to think there is no reason to treat because I have lived with it for so long without any issues. So which is it? It can't be both. I have waited 30 years for an effective treatment. At my last doctor's visit my doctor told me my numbers were low and I should wait. Wait for what? Right now I am waiting on insurance to decide if they will let me get treatment. They currently only cover the treatment with the highest side effects and I assume the lowest cost for them. It is nice to now that my health is so important to them.

    I am taking viekira pak because insurance would not cover Harvoni. I am undetectable after 8 weeks. I must stay on it for 24 weeks due to cirrhosis. I tried interferon 10 yrs ago and it obviously did not work. The side effects kicked my ass, I am very grateful that it is working but all the hype about the new medications not having side effects are not true. I am much sicker than I was on interferon. I bring this up to let people know that they should really fight to get the Harvoni because I've heard nothing but good stuff about it, that it barely has any side effects. I know of people who walked off treatment when they were found on detectable but due to getting educated about Hep C from this blog and from other sources I know that that would be a Huge mistake I will keep on keeping on.
Viewing 20 topics - 41 through 60 (of 70 total)