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  • Today I am waiting on my front porch forthe UPS to deliver my first round of Harvoni. I have many questions, When is the best time to take it? How do I integrate my other medications like Thyroid meds? What have YOU found to to make this regimen easiest? What foods are best to eat, when do you take your meds? Thank you, So grateful for to hear you experiences Lori

    How were you diagnosed with hep C? Share here.

    Looking for tips and/or advice on gaining weight.

    I am from Africa and I have Hepatitis C, so I'd like to know if there is anyone from Africa here.

    Have a Hx of dealing with chronic active hepC thru a parent but never dreamed that this would be my reality....... got positive blood test back early Jan was referred to an Endocrinologist who repeated the test and confirmed I was positive get Hep C. After a bout with the flu and bronchitis I was able to go and have more blood work done along with an ultrasound this past Monday, we’ll Tiesday they called and said that I have to much iron in my blood and the dr wanted me to have more blood work to determine if I also have hemochromatosis so now I’m just awaiting the findings of the lab and ultrasound but the nurse did say the dr said my ultrasound looked ok but I’m just terrified, been reading up on the effects of the iron overload and the success rate of being to for help C which isn’t good. I’m going thru this alone and I’m feeling very overwhelmed and trying to remain positive and Hopeful

    Today I found out my insurance is covering Harvoni completely for the 12 weeks my dr wants me to take it. I should be getting my first 28 days of pills early this upcoming week so with that in mind I should start them by the end of next week. I know medicine effects people differently but I’m anxious trying to decide what time would be best for me to take it. I work full time at a fast pace job (assembly line) and work 2nd shift and have bouts of not sleeping very good quite regularly so I’m concerned I won’t have the physical energy to work and I also fear of having insomnia. Any suggestions or insight I appreciate and thank you!

    Today I found out that my Dr wants me to do Harvoni for 12 weeks but that depends on whether or not my insurance company will approve it. Was told if they deny coverage of Harvoni then they will switch it to another drug. My question is what are the disqualifying reasons for getting tx such as Harvoni? I have Blue Cross Bkue Shield insurance. This is all new to me and I have no support system in my life because I don’t feel as though I can share this diagnosis with anyone. I’m just not ready to open up about it yet.

    Hi Everyone! My mom was just diagnosed with stage 4 liver disease. Her doctor explained the damage to her liver in the same way a car, that’s been in an accident and has a smashed up hood and body, can still drive normally. It’s covered in cirrhosis but the liver itself is functioning normally. What’s hard to swallow is that less than 5yrs she had a liver biopsy that just showed signs of fatty liver, in such a short time it’s exceled to a stage 4 diagnosis?! Her doc believes it’s because of an underlying auto immune disorder... The research seems to say that this disease doesn’t deteriorate the liver this quickly, but maybe if the AA discorder is a factor it can? Her treatment so far is a heavy dose of steroids... has anyone else had a similar experience? Thanks so much for any advice/responses!

    So many symptoms of hep C whether emotional or physical are not visible on the outside. Let us know what it is like to live with an invisible symptoms. How do you describe what you’re going through to friends and family?

    Hi! Has anyone found any treatments or strategies to combat brain fog? Also has it gone away or gotten better for you after treatment?

    Hi all! I'm new here and have a question. My initial test was positive, however the RNA was undetectable. My doctor has referred me to an infectious disease doctor for Hep C. Has anyone else had positive initial test, then RNA negative...and STILL was diagnosed with Hep C? I'm confused...thank you!

    I finished the harvoni treatment 1year ago, after at least 30years living with hepc. So far hep is undetectable. But i still have a few health problems, but i am still hopefull!

    Hi, I'm really hoping to meet someone here to talk to. I do not have hep C and I do not wish to frustrate anyone here that is infected. I'm reaching out for expert information because I have a terrible blood phobia. If you're a person that is frustrated by "what if's" read no further. If you're someone that can help me calm my fears, please help. I'm triggered by the site of blood and always afraid I'm going to be infected by a blood borne virus. This has lead to OCD behaviors. The OCD behaviors, like washing my hands too much, lead to cracks in my skin, and then I'm afraid some microscopic trace of blood will get into those cracks. Today I was triggered by this fear of being exposed to blood because I had a guest that used the bathroom in my home. She was bleeding when she used my toilet and then flushed the toilet with the lid open. I'm under the impression that when you flush a toilet with the lid open that particles in the toilet can aersolize and land on other surfaces in the bathroom, like toothbrushes. So, there it is. I'm worried that some microscopic amount of blood may have aerosolized from the toilet and landed on a toothbrush that I later used. I have a missing molar and fear that this space may provide access to my bloodstream. I know this sounds very irrational....but that's what phobias are...irrational. I'm in therapy every week, trying to figure out why I worry about these things that no one else I know worries about. I've tried medications to calm myself from phobias, but nothing really stops my fearful thoughts. I realize this is a forum for people with Hep C, not phobias. It's not my intention to offend anyone by saying I'm terrified of an illness that you have. If I have offended you, I hope that you will understand that I am just looking for someone to talk to that can help me rationalize.

    Do you have tips for managing hep C or liver disease during the holiday season? Share them here!

    Hello insurance won't pay for harvoni so I'm being prescprescribed vikaria and riboviron. I read side effects. I'm afraid to take it. Has anybody taken them and how was the treatment?

    I would like to know if anyone else who has been diagnosed with HepC gets a sharp pain in the liver area. Mine is not constant but will stab me every once in awhile. Im pretty sure it's my liver. I have been diagnosed with HepC for about 6 years and took Harvoni and am cured. I have been cured for over a year now. But I still get these nagging pain in my liver area. It comes and goes. I've had a liver function and blood tests and my doc says I'm OK.

    hello today I unaccidentally stabb a syringe for a printer ink into my finger when I washed it with dish soap (3x washed with dish soap) I was stabb after washing the third times, the syringe already use for printer before, then not used for 1 year, I do not know if the syringe is new or used in the past because it is bringing the employees of a shop, I also do not know the syringe unaccidentally already stabb into the hands of the employee before or not, I also do not know the employee they have hiv, hbv, hcv or not,i dont know is there blood stain or not before use for printer syringe.cause the syringe for medical use and used for printer ink,not specialized syringe for printer ink my question 1) am I at risk of contracting the hcv? 2) if yes and how many days/month after puncture syringe i should test? thank you,sorry for my bad english

    Hi their I have recently been diagnosed with hep c and I told my boss who instructed my employees to go and get blood tested and now they all know I have the virus I am really distressed in ever coming face to face with them again has anyone been in this situation?

    I'm trying to find someone to connect with and get support from. I'm new to this and feel lost. I really think I would greatly benefit from having someone like me that I can talk to. Someone who knows exactly what I'm saying. No one but someone else with Hep c can truly know how you feel. Thanks in advance. Prefer someone near me in Lakeland FL

    Dear today after getting my wife tested for blood cp and ELISA i was informed that my wife HCV test is positive. Now her pregnancy month passing on is 7th. I want to know that is there any other condition during pregnancy that is similar to HCV (shown in result today) or it is a sign i should be worry about. Secondly is it possible that this test is wrong or may be a human error..? Waiting for you humble reply Please
Viewing 20 topics - 21 through 40 (of 68 total)