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General Discussion

After harvoni

  • By Jharvoni

    I finished the harvoni treatment 1year ago, after at least 30years living with hepc. So far hep is undetectable. But i still have a few health problems, but i am still hopefull!

  • By How4me

    thats great i am getting my delivery today of harvoni and ribavirin 12 weeks 7 pills a day 84 days, also how can i see my past posts or replys on any of thee forums,, it seems all posts and replys are inactive for weeks months, also how can i message other members

  • By Myofb1

    That’s awesome. Last year I was treated with just Harvoni for only 8 weeks and I am cured. I was infected with the HepC virus for about 5 years. But I’m cured today and it’s a great feeling not worrying all the time.

  • By JayNick


    I was diagnosed with Hep C 1A 7 years ago. No signs or symptoms and must have got it in the early eighties.
    First treated with Harvoni in 2015. Virus returned 2 months after being undetectable. I was given Vikeria and ribavirin. Ribavirin was BAD STUFF for me. I went to a liver specialist for a second opinion and was told, stop taking that drug it won’t work. My Dr. had me take a blood test for HCV NS5A Drug Resistance. The results showed which current drugs would NOT work. In Jan 2018, I was given Vosevi which is going to work for my Hep C. No side effects so far after 6 weeks. Finish in early April. Last blood test showed virus undetected already!
    If more doctors would order this simple test it would save time and emotional stress.
    My results below:

    Daclatasvir Daklinza Resistance Possible
    DCV RAVs*: Q30R
    Elbasvir Zepatier Resistance Possible
    EBR RAVs*: Q30R
    Ledipasvir Harvoni Resistance Possible
    LDV RAVs*: Q30R
    Ombitasvir Viekira Pak Resistance Possible

    • By Rick Nash

      @jaynick congratulations on being undetectable! That’s a promising first step! As someone who has almost the same RAVs, I feel ya. Some treatments don’t respond as well as others. Harvoni failed me as well.

      And I completely agree that docs doing more RAV tests would be best, but usually they can’t do an RAV test until after a failed treatment. It’s my understanding that RAVs don’t have enough unique markers until they show a resistance profile when exposed to treatment medication..

      That being said, it probably would be best practice to do an RAV profile post failed treatment.

      I hope your undetectable status keeps on truckin’ so you can reach SVR24!

      -Rick Nash (Six Time Treatment Vet and Dragon Slayer)