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Wish someone would have found it

Was notified Saturday, I have Hep C and cirrhosis of liver. Haven’t drank since the 80’s. I am 51 years the kicker.

Evidently not good idea to get only tattoo in 1982 at a heavy metal rave. I have had good jobs, good insurance, even a shop owner with insurance..been to doctors many times since that time. I’ve had leg shocking test, cancer tests, upper and lower GI’s, etc. Been told several times “symptoms in my head.”

5 years ago, I lost my job for fatigue, concentration issues. I have made it 5 years being FLEA marketer. Now I’m not employable and have no insurance. An off duty doctor overhearing my case got the ER to blood test and CT me..positive for long term Hep C and bad liver cirrhosis. I couldn’t pay, so they said “live everyday like it’s your last…” and was sent home with no follow ups or any medicine. Why in the HELL wouldn’t some doctor test for Hep C in 34 years…

I’m OK with dying, what pisses me off is now I’m broke and no insurance. I spent alot, trying to find this…I’ll never see the social security, I paid into for 29 years. Now govt and doctors have no problem hanging me out.

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  • Myofb1
    3 years ago

    Try getting rated disability from social security then you can get Medicaid. Then possibly get hepc treatment and treatment for your liver. Hang in there. Good luck to you.

  • klynel
    3 years ago

    My story is very close to yours. I am now 62, but I became ill about 8 years ago with fatigue and body pain. I was working full time and had great insurance. I kept going to the doctor and after a while they put me on antidepressants and said it was stress, etc. After 5 years I became too tired to work and hurt all over. I lost my job and insurance. Then lost my apt. I ended up sleeping in my car and couch surfing. I kept getting worse. About 16 months ago I went to a homeless clinic and they ran a bunch of blood test and found out I had Hep C. I was so shocked but relieved. I was refered to a specialist andhe tried to treatment approved. ( I was on obamacare by that time.) Well they wouldn’t approve medication until I got sicker. But finally having the diagnoses empowered me. I somehow mustered the energy to seek out advocacy groups and found a drug study starting. I was accepted. Went through the first 12 weeks taking the experimental drug only to find out it was a placebo. BUT they started me on the real drug that I took for another 12 weeks. Well I finished it a few weeks ago and am Hep C free. It worked. I still have some fatigue and body pain but at least I am cured. I am now working on building my body back up after spend the last few years in bed So don’t give up. You must try to find a way to get medication. No matter how bad your liver is. Please check out drug studies. I wish you luck. BTW, I am still homeless but now I know I will get on my feet and hopefully get back to work.

  • Myofb1
    3 years ago

    Great story, glad you are cured as I am.I hope you’re living arrangements are better.
    Just think how life works, you couldn’t got better, diagnosed etc. Until you were homeless. So that was a blessing in disguise. Good luck to you.

  • Meagan Heidelberg moderator
    3 years ago

    Hi Jackrabbit006,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story – as I know it must be quite difficult for you to do so. We’re so sorry to hear of your diagnosis but we would love to help you as much as possible. It is quite unfortunate that you’re just now finding out about this, but it’s possible that you never presented with the symptoms that come with Hep C, so no physician thought to test you for this. (This is just my thought). This article discusses reasons why Hepatitis C is often undiagnosed; Also, another wonderful article from our website that provides resources that you may find helpful, as you stated you no longer have health insurance;

    Another great assistance program;

    This article is great info on applying for social security benefits –
    I hope that you find this helpful! Please know we’re here for you!!

    Best to you,
    Meagan, Team Member

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