Unsure of What Path to Take

Hi everyone!
I am torn apart within myself, but I need to make that most difficult decision of my life.
I was diagnosed with hep C in 2015, but not right away. I was in the ER room a couple of times and even spent a week in a hospital literally dying there from pain and inability to eat anything, but the doctors had no idea what was wrong with me and eventually sent me home. It was the scariest for me as I was all by my self with the unknown illness. The doctors told me that I was weak because I wasn’t eating anything! They demanded I would start eating and brought me their tomato soup and frozen chocolate yogurt. Just looking at those made me feel more nausea than before. They sent me home with IBS diagnosis and no tips for what to do with that. I spent months at home healing myself with all the tools I have learned while being in the holistic field.

For many many years I had been trying to figure out how to cure my autoimmune disease and chronic fatigue which doctors put into RA category as my Rheumatoid factor in the blood was present. My ER visit was telling me that it was not ER, but was something else hidden in me for long and acting out finally. After I got better in 4 months, I went to a new rheumatologist with my story and after a few blood tests he sent me to do I received his call about hep C! I was shocked, not because of my diagnosis (I was glad to finally have it!), but because I have been complaining on the right abdominal pain for many many years and no one sent me for this hep C blood test because… as my physician said… my other liver tests were normal, and they are still normal!

But I have gone through another ER in 2016 and know now that I need to either learn to live with hep C or risk to take the medicine. I am in constant pain even though with the holistic approach (homeopathy, diet, supplements, acupuncture, etc) I am functioning OK, but can’t commit to working yet, my brain can be in a fog, or occasionally I will just lay in bed fully exhausted.

To Treat or Not To Treat?

My doctor is suggesting Sovaldi and Ribavirin for my hep C, but I am scared to take the drugs as I have been having a weak immune system since childhood , and also I have anemia.

I have met one guy who finished Harvoni and got cured with out having any side effects (yea! happy for him!:), and I have heard a different story from my friend whose friend developed liver cancer after taking the drug and died soon ๐Ÿ™

So, I am asking myself “what would be my story?” I decided to register on this site and maybe get some response that could help me to get clarity about my choice. My doctors appointment is on April 29th and she is waiting for my decisionโ€ฆ
Thanks in advance!

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