Peace is the power at the heart of God

When I first contacted you two months ago, I was waiting to get Mavyret. I finally started taking it around June 19th.

The mental toll and effect Hep C has on relationships

This disease took such a mental toll on me. A single mom with a teenage daughter. It goes so deep. I had to tell her. I felt like I had to protect her from myself. Even though I have no idea where I got it from, I had to answer questions about drugs which I never even saw. I had to go through her losing faith in me. I’m a widow and did everything I could to keep her from acting out. She stayed strong as I went to counseling with her. I wish I had not followed the doctor's advice to tell her. She was afraid of losing me. She would look at me and just cry, cry, cry. It made it so much harder for me. So, I told her it went away on its own. I had to sneak and take the meds. Hoping to see the light someday. In my heart, I apologized to everyone I may have wronged in my life and asked for forgiveness and thanked them for the lessons they taught me in my life.

Hep C is not my fault

This disease cut through my soul. Yet I realized in life the race is not to the quick and the battle is not to the strong in this life. And to all the people who looked down on me either implied or not hurt me deep to my core. This disease is not my fault. Think of all the people in the world who have Hep C and you don't know about it, and the sad part is neither do they.

Finally there is peace

4 weeks of my treatment.
. with tears in my eyes, I say, there is no sign of the Hep C virus. My doctor called and told me I am undetectable. I ask if she would tell my daughter and she did. I wanted to see it in writing so she gave me the test results. Please take this medicine. I know everyone is different. I feel it is not so much the medicine alone. It is the spirit behind it that help the healing in more ways than one.
Lauren thank you for being on this journey with me…Curious

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