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Should I risk my health by getting treatment?

I had a blood transfusion in 1983 at age 17 and was then kinda sick, yellow eyes, weight loss etc. a month or so afterward.

Never knew anything about hepatitis then.

Fast forward to my mid-thirties when after giving blood every year, mine was rejected with a letter saying I had hep c and b. In a nutshell, my symptoms have progressed to where now at 52 I am in pain on the right and left sides, bloated and itching so bad I can’t sleep or focus.

Scared about treatment

I just qualified for Harvoni treatment but after reading many accounts of people who like me were living a mostly normal life then had ruined health after treatment I’m scared and trying to weigh out the options. Any advice from those who have completed treatment with Harvoni is greatly appreciated. I realize that many people who did well with treatment simply move forward with life so the proportion of bad experiences might be skewed, however, the detrimental effects for some people seem so awful I must research further. Thanks so much!

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  • trudgo
    1 year ago

    I was scared too. In 2015 I took Harvoni and cleared the virus. Since that time I have ultra sounds every 6 months and blood work. Tumor marker. To make sure things are good.
    I would say take treatment. I know the head will run every worse scenario. Truth. I would rather stop the disease from destroying my liver than know it’s destroying my liver. I waited since 1991. So I have some damage . But if I hadn’t taken treatment the early signs of cirrhosis may have progressed badly.
    I know it’s a personal choice. You have support here. I pray you make a decision soon.

  • annabanana author
    1 year ago

    Thank you for your prayers trudgo, and for taking the time to respond to my question. I just started taking Harvoni two days ago. I psyched myself up to stay positive and I am eating healthy plus drinking about a gallon of water over the course of the day and night.
    I decided to continue being proactive about helping my body create good health and at this point, treatment seemed like the best choice. So far I have not had any significant side effects. Metallic taste and a few fleeting headaches. I have been quite active each day, walking at least 3 miles plus working 8-9 hours. I’m not able to sleep much tonight but that is not unusual for me.
    Do you have any suggestions during and after treatment? My fibro-scan was 0-1 and my viral load was quite low at the moment, but I do have hepatic cysts. Doc said my liver actually looks healthier than many peeps who never had hepatitis. I do feel like my body has had to fight very hard for good health and that the virus was taking it’s toll in a multitude of ways. Biggest complaints are the last ten years of itching that escalates every late summer mainly on my upper arms (which could be toxins and or overramped immune response) and painful gallbladder, pancreas and spleen issues.
    My intuition was telling me to do something more than nutrition and herbal remedies and that is what led me to the harvoni. I typically reject most pharmaceuticals and otc drugs, instead creating my own good health with food, herbs and other wellness practices so you can imagine how hard it was to make this decision. I believe it is going to go smoothly and that my body will do what it needs to.
    I made some simple goals to keep my mind in the right place. Journaling, a daily walk, 4 minute warrior workout (dailyom) and low sugar/gluten/dairy consumption since eating those things always makes me feel bad and sugar feeds disease.
    I am also planning to work my usual hours. Since I do equine therapy, I actually benefit from being around the kids and horses which helps keep me from worrying plus provides fresh air and plenty of exercise.
    I hope your blood work continues to look good and the markers disappear. I’ve had the virus 35 years and still believe the body has the ability to repair itself so just keep that thought. Please let me know how you continue to feel post treatment and if/how long it took to return to normal. Thanks much!

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