I was notified I had Hep C in ’96. I did 18 mo. of peg-interferon before ribavirin was invented. I went from astronomical to 1 or less. Undetectable CORRECT ? Because there’s no such thing as a complete cure, it’s in your system for life, CORRECT ? Then, I drank a lot of beer, & my HCV RNA Quant. went up to 21.7, I reigned in my beer drinking & last I checked my HCV RNA Quant. dropped to 1.18 (just barely detectable) by now, it’s gotta be 1 or less (undetectable). The question I can’t get an answer to is, AM I CORRECT IN ASSUMING THAT THERE’S NO OUT AND OUT CURE ? IT’S IN YOUR SYSTEM FOR LIFE, CORRECT ? SOMEBODY KNOWLEDGEABLE PLEASE ANSWER !

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