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My story (as well as i remember)

I went to the Dr. for being just tired in 2000. He did loads of blood work and it came back as Hep C and Hep B. He did further tests and found out that I had Hep B but cleared it on my own. It wasn’t long before I started my 1st treatment of the 3 shots a week kind. I was scared but met some wonderful people on Web MD,then went on to follow them to Voices. They saved my sanity. I loved that you could ask anything and get all different kinds of advice. I wasn’t alone. The 1st treatment never did clear (stage1). In 2002 I took my son and moved to WA state. I then did a 2nd (1 shot a week) treatment, cleared at 6 weeks but after the 48 weeks it came back (stage 2). Since then I have developed many health problems. HBP, Low BP, RA, Osteo, Kidney failure, 11 nodules in my lungs, Ischemic colitis, and IBS. The list just goes on and on. My Dr. and I feel that right now I just ain’t healthy enough to do another tx. Anyhow on a better note, life here in WA is great. I have a 12 yr old grandson and a very fiesty 2 1/2 (going on 5) yr old grand daughter. My son that moved up here with me is now 26 and works at Boeing. My daughter that I moved up here to be with is doing great. i just started lending my help at a thrift store and a consignment store. I love it. Hope to meet you all and to see us oldies. Brenda

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