After 30 Years with hep C, I now live with Interferon Syndrome after treatment

I was given 5 liters of blood because of a car wreck in 1974, I was 18 at the time. In 1975 they diagnosed me with non A non B hepatitis. A few years later it was given the name hepatitis C. In 2007 I was at stage 3-4 cirrhosis and needed to start on a program. The only remedies available was the interferon and ribavirin combo. I took the combo for the 48 weeks of treatment. While on treatment, I had suffered through many symptoms, most of the side effects which left me with permanent side effects.

Side effects from treatment remain today

My saga starts in the second month of treatment, where my hair started to fall out. By the 3rd month I was completely bald and no longer grew any body hair. This was caused by the drug combo which effected my auto immune system.

I was told that the drug combo caused my Lupus as well as a compromised immune system. The most interesting side effect that started to effect me 13 years after treatment is Post Interferon Syndrome. This is where I am getting to relive all the side effects of the drug combo, chills, brain fog, skin conditions, depression, fatigue and flu like symptoms. I can still feel the injection sites on bad days. I have days where I cannot get out of bed and days where I feel wonderful. It helps to understand that these are real symptoms and understand now how to manage them. My hair has not returned but happy to be bald.

I am happy to be alive and will keep on trucking Best of luck to everyone. Please let me know if you have any questions

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