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The sad day of my life

I was diagnosed with HCV on 15 December 2017 then I don’t even know such a disease exist. I don’t smoke or drink anything I don’t know how I got this disease. The sad part of my story is that I have been waiting to have a child for the past six years I am still praying for that to happen.

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  • Randy moderator
    1 year ago

    Hi zainab and thanks for sharing your heart. It does knock you in the gut when you receive a diagnosis; it did me. Have you looked into treatment yet to cure your Hep C? The body can be really whacked out while we still have active virus. The newer meds are really easy to tolerate and they cure almost everyone. My heart and prayers are with you for your dream to have a child. I’m believing that will happen for you. Please consider treating my friend. Again, thank you for sharing. All good things your way! (Randy, Community Moderator)

  • zainab author
    1 year ago

    I am very grateful my moderator.

  • Susan Simon moderator
    1 year ago

    Hepatitis C does not come from smoking or drinking alcohol. It comes from infected blood entering your bloodstream. It should not affect your fertility at all. Have you considered treatment? If you become pregnant while having hep C, your baby has a 95% chance of NOT having the virus. If you do treat,, please ask your doctor how long you must protect yourself from becoming pregnant. Good luck to you.

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