My identical twin brother and I are experiencing horrible long term side effect's from either or both, having hepatitis C for at least 20 yrs or the chemo meds we both took. We both had genotype 3, which required 6 months of Sovaldi and Ribavirin.

The "cure", we treated about 6 yrs ago, and unfortunately our health started to decline quite dramatically. We see the same rheumatologist who has diagnosed us with having RA with polyarthritis , Fibromyositis , and Sjorgens syndrome..all I know is we both have an aggressive rheumatic autoimmune disorder.

And again, unfortunately we have no health insurance. So just to get diagnosed was all self pay. But we also lucked out with a very cool rheumatologist .

We have identical symptoms, I personally think we both have type 2 or 3 cryoglobulinemia. All the symptoms are there.

But until we get a more humane healthcare system in the US, it looks like we'll both continue to suffer being unable to afford private health insurance. Last time I saw our rheumatologist, we planned on trying enbrel, but now with COVID we decided it not a good time to start that. We have both tried plaquinal, it did not help. So, that's where we are now.

At least we have each other, and we both raised my daughter together since she was 2 yrs old. She is now 26 and makes our lives worth living, as much as it sucks living in pain. Dealing with all the strange symptoms...

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