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My husband was diagnose with Hep C, in 2009 after he had neck surgery. His doctor at that time said it was nothing to worry about and they kept giving pain pills with Tylenol and 800 mg Motrin 6 times a day. He lost his job due to he ended up having 3 more neck surgeries. So he lost his coverage and had to go on county for awhile, they still continued the same regimen that the previous doctors and they never kept an eye on the hep c. He then got coverage again with another hospital and they checked his hep c and it had worsened quite a bit. Then about 2-3 months later they did some more tests and he now has cirrhosis. She then sent him to a GI doctor and he said yes he has cirrhosis and at that time he wanted to do an extensive ultra sound and then a cat scan to rule out cancer. It came back definitely positive for cirrhosis but no cancer thank god. We were getting to move at the time from California to Oregon. He has been to the hospital 2 times in the last few months for esophageal varcies, he was vomiting blood severely. He has had 4 bandings done to date with 1 more to be scheduled. He has severe abdominal pain all the time, join and muscle pain, confusion, and nausea. So his primary care doctor order a extensive ultrasound and he now has 2 spots on his liver. They have not talked about treatment till this date. I am hoping he can get on Harvoni soon but he still may need a liver transplant.

He is now experiencing problems with his eyes, can these diseases cause problems with your eyes? He is not also having problems walking with out pain in his hips. Can these affect his hips too? His Primary Care Doctor and his GI say no but I think I have read somewhere that yes they can. If this is true why don’t these doctors know about it?

He depressed cant sleep and feels useless as a man. He cant work and his Social Security Disability Benefits are not much. But I have read that hopefully his Medicare and his Moda plan will cover what needs to be done.

I have to go back to work, but I am afraid to leave him alone sometimes he falls. I don’t know what to do.

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  • Goatface7
    4 years ago

    I am now undetectable (1 or less) however my friend was recently detected w/genotype 2b w/40% kidney function. any suggestions about treatment ?

  • Kelly McNamara moderator
    4 years ago

    Hi Stu! That’s great news you are now undetectable! We’re so sorry to hear about your friend. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the internet, for both you and your friend’s safety, we’re unable to provide medical or treatment advice. We recommend your friend talking through treatment with his healthcare team. Also, we have a list of resources that might be helpful along the way: Wishing your friend the very best! Sounds like they have a great support system in you. Keep us updated on how everything goes! – Kelly, Community Manager

  • Susan Simon moderator
    4 years ago

    Hi 1NCR88F, I am so sorry to read about your dear hubby’s troubles. I notice that his PCP had ordered further testing. May I ask why he is not under the care of a hepatologist or gastroenterologist? Most PCP’s do not have the expertise or experience to care adequately for a patient with late stage hepatitis C. You might want to consider contacting Lorren Sandt of Caring Ambassador’s Program. The phone number is 503-632-9032. They are in Oregon and may provide you with information.

    Speaking from personal experience, my eyes have bothered me for decades. They are very dry and can tend to be red and irritated. This can be caused by hepatitis C. The hip and other joint pain is definitely an issue in many many hepatitis C patients. Usually these things are caused by autoimmune issues because the body is continually revved up fighting the infection.

    I do believe your husband should be evaluated by a transplant center. Lorren will be able to guide you about what is available in Oregon. Please call her.

    Can you call a local church group, hospital, or social services department in your county? They may have ideas about help when you are not able to be home with your husband.

    I wish your hubby the very best.

    -Sue, Community Manager

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