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I was diagnosed with Hep C in July this year and after several blood tests and liver scan, was referred to Gastroenterologist for treatment. He ran more tests then prescribed Harvoni for 12 weeks. I just started it on 29 Sep and seem to be doing okay other than being tired most of the day and taking frequent naps. The first few days were fine. Hope this gets better.

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  • Myofb1
    12 months ago

    Most people feel tired like this while they are infected. I did not.Takinh Harvoni did not make me feel tired either. But we are all different. Good luck to you and hope you get to feeling better. Just knowing you’re cured is the greatest feeling ever.

  • Myofb1
    1 year ago

    How are you feeling now? I was treated with Harvoni and my feeling tired all the time thankfully went away. I work full time and feel I have lots of energy.

  • mrsldm author
    1 year ago

    I will finish my Harvoni on Dec 21. I am not feeling the tiredness as I did when I started. I’m not taking daily naps either, but I do lay down and rest some days. I had bloodwork on Oct 29 and the results it showed were negative for HCV or none detected which was great news. I’m not experiencing any side effects from the drug that I’ve read from others on Harvoni. My only issue is my weight is still down. I have a good appetite, but am still 10 to 12 lbs under my normal weight. My hair is still thinning too. That all may be caused by my liver damage though.

  • New2HepC
    1 year ago

    Thanks for sharing- did u notice changes to your skin- like crepe skin or thin skin prior to treatment or during treatment.

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