My Long Hepatitis C Journey

My hepatitis C journey all started to end in 1994-95 when I was diagnosed. At first, I did feel so weak and so cold all the time. In 1997, I was told my thyroid started acting up and had to start taking synthroid. Then my eyes started to bother me really bad? I never had any issue with my eyes before.Those were two of the many things that started acting up.

Experiencing choric side effects and judgement

I felt awful, with no energy! I had to drag myself out of my house. Then, people started acting weird towards me and that made things even worse! Nothing like feeling terrible to begin with and then to have others judgement drag me down more. I did stop going out all together within 10-15 yrs of being diagnosed because a cold of flu could of took me out of the game... it wasn't worth it to go out of my home! Before all too long, I had to wear a mask to protect myself from flues or other viruses. At roughly the 15 year mark of me being diagnosed, my weigh had dropped from 140 to 87, that was way too skinny. Now I was being accused of being a drug addict or speed freak! Wasn't that nice? By now, 2009, I'd had it with society!!!

Searching for a community

I went to a nearby church and decided to stay with church people who at least hid the judgement. My guts were so bad by the end of my journey, pancreas caused me pain and joined the rest of the party that was destroying me. I really really believed I was going to die, I couldn't lift the 7 pound vacuums, my husband had long since been doing all my chores and lifting me in and out of bed, to washroom, me puking all over so violently near the end of my journey.

I was about to go to hospice if i didn't die at home first. I laid in bed night after night begging for another day of life. I even gave all my jewelry away to the people who I wanted to make sure they got it, LOL.

The end to my hepatitis C journey: getting treatment

Anyways, Harvoni came along in the nick of time!! A treatment my doctor would allow me to take! And boy oh boy did that drug work good for me!! No side effects except, now I had so much energy now that I was not used too! I'll say this for sure...I'm way more active then ever in my life before! Hepatitis C has nothing on me ! I've overcome this awful disease, and anyone that I have come in contact with that has the virus I try to help get treatment, nobody should have that virus now that there's a cure!

I kicked Hep C's ass!! Any if you don't believe me, I have the pics.

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